You Read It Here First

For three years, Restore Access Ward 9 has been  telling its readers about the abuses by the Kingston Police Department.    The  local media has finally caught up!    By now it is no secret (if you read the local papers) tha the KPD is under investigation for various forms of corruption, and Police Chief Kelder is  retiring.   Now everyone knows that while Officer Matthews was telling me that my videos of the vandalism of my home were not admisable evidence, he was amking three quarters of a million dollars a year—from my taxes–and yours!  When I was being harassed and threatened in a municiple parking lot last week, it took the KPD an hour to respond to numerous calls.  Our tax dollars are paying for protection we are not receiving.   I would like to suggst that when a new police chief is named, he (or she) be chosen from outside the ranks of the KPD.   The Ulster County Sheriff’s Department has been picking up the slack in my neighborhood for three years–perhaps one opf their officers should be chosen as our  new chief!   Perhaps under honest and competant leadership, the KPD can finally respresent its constituency in gender, race, and age.

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  1. You mean the same Det. Matthews who, according to a friend of mine, (a former prostitute in Kingston, now living successfully clean and sober and productive in the south) used to offer to trade favors in exchange for leniency? THAT Detective Matthews who was making three quarters of a million dollars? Well, isn’t that something!
    Picking a new leader from outside can be a good idea. I hope they do it.

  2. Probably the same one–he was a detective, and he always seemed to be one of the most helpful officers–at least he LISTENED– but then nothing was done. For a decade my home and cars were repeatedly vandalized by unsuperervised young people in the neighborhood, and the police either failed to respond, or they responded and took no action. Regreteably, some of those lawless little kids are now considered adults in the yes of the law, and at least two of them have now been apprehended as adults. I can’t help but think that if the officers had done their job these children could have been spared an adult police record. Read back over the archives of this blog. People really DID read it here first.


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