From Google Groups to WordPress

     I’ve had a Google Grop, <RAW9kingstonny> since 1998.   I have fearlessly commented on matters pertaining to Ward 9–and sometimes Ward 8, too!   Rebecca Martin, the founder of the Ward 9 Citizens’ Group referred to it as “The little Blog That Nobody Reads.”   I knew it was being read because I 2would forward it to the persons to whom the post referred.   And, upon occasion, I would get a reaction, like a city snowplow piling snow six feet deep against my gate so I had to climb out of my fence to get out of the property.

         I have felt the blog accomplished a great deal in three years.   Unfortunately, Google Groups will be closing that type of Group in the very near future.   I like how WordPress operates, (although I am having a hard time navigating it, but I’ll get used to it pretty soon, and get it linked to my Facebook.   Meanwhile, I have moved over the best of the posts from the Google Group, with predictable glitches in the formatting, so you can read them here, or you can read them there.  

       Right now I have to figure out the distinction between a page and a blog on this site.   I’d like to move the old posts into archive mode, so we can get to the good stuff–like the race for Mayor in 2012.

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