Crazy Lady’s Valueable House Part II

       Several years ago I did a post to this blog called “Crazy Lady’s Valueable House.”  You can find it in the archives.  The city valued my house at more than any other house in the district, including a four unit aopartment building and the historic residence on the next corner.   While I was delighted that the house I had bought for $80,000 was now worth three times that much, I seriously doubted whether a house with plumbing and appliances from the 1950’s, a sagging front porch, and a leaking basement was more valueable than my next door neighbors twin house with the all new marble kitchen, brand new bathroom, and meticulously landscaped yard.

        I must have been onto something because  after I took copies of the clouded deed and pictures of the interior in to the assesor’s office, my assesment came down to $180,000.  Last year, with no effort on my part, it came down to $171,000.  And this year, the assesor’s reality must have been restored because my  new improved 100% assesment is now $155,000!

    One might wonder what has changed to bring about such a dramatic reduction in  valuation.   Well, it could be the efeects of the dry rot under the siding are becoming evident, but  my guess is that it is the  decline in the neighborhood.   In some ways the  neighborhood has actually improved.   Most of the child vandals that did such terrible damage to my property in the first years I owned it are now too old to get youthful offender status, and they are more interested in waxing their cars than they are in egging mine.  We have gotten some really wonderful new neighbors, like Chip and Tammy, and Brian & Nikki.

    On the other hand, two houses in the immediate neighborhood that I know of, are in foreclosure.  Two houses were bought out of foreclosure.   Four houses that I can think of are empty and boarded.   What used to be friendly little neighborhood shops on Broadway  (a block away) have now been  occupied by lawless hooligans.   I had a very serious run in with occupants of the Body Graffix Tatoo Shop early this year, and after holding me hostage in the parking lot for an hour they successfully took my car insurence ciompany off for $600 that was not due them.  The police took an hour to get there, and guess what.   The responding officer was Dear Officer Booth, the subject of several postings to this site.   (This is the fine example of Kingston Law Enforcement who told me his name was “Booth, as in John Wilkes Booth.”)  While I was being threatened and harassed in the city parking lot, the leader of Kingston Neighborhood Watch was a block away in Kingston City Hall giving a presentation to the politicos.

     At long last our ward got competant representation on the Kingston Common Council, only to have Alderman Clemont decide to run for mayor.   This is a situation for another blog.   Since the Common Council is up for election as well as the mayor position, and a candidate cannot run for both, our ward is one of several that will be getting new representation.  Stay tuned for another blog on that.

    I doubt if this meteoric decline in property values is  singular to my house or my neighborhood.   I think that it is  typical of values in all parts of the city and of the city as a whole.   This is NOT going to be business as usual.

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