Our Ever Evolving Ward

Posted on May 13, 2013


        Springtime brings the usual changes to Ward 9, which is the perfect example of  a residential neighborhood “in transition”

        The two men from Connecticut who bought the house of the late Isabella Malone took 2 years to begin to manifest their true colors.     Apparently in Sherman Connecticut, from whence they came, it is acceptable to  park in “handicapped parking spaces” without a permit, to park on streets during snow emergencies, and to block driveways.    They reported my home to the Building Department because it was “not tidy” but then they let their grass grow knee high and the porch renovation they did without a building permit last year is already falling apart.   My dog alerted me to the swarming termites in their driveway, and they admitted that they had bought the house for speculation….just before they set about destroying the historical integrity of one of the few single-owner houses in Kingston. 

         One of my neighbors, noticing that my anti-fracking sign was being torn down week after week suggested to me that  these Connecticut residents might actually be trying to buy up the neighborhood  for the mineral rights, realizing that our infamous vein of karsk might  be indicative of  an area where Hydrofracking might be productive.  

         In any case, the neighborhood continues to eveolve.   The historic house at the corner of  Brewster and Levan has been rented out to a Hispanic family.    There are strong reports that the Brooks house across the street from me may have sold to a yojung family with children.   Meanwhile, our neighborhood watchdog Bettye Ashdown, was injured in a car accident last week and is recuperating at home.  

         The notice from the accesor said that the value of my house has declined $5000 in the past year, which is very god news since I am not planning to sell.  

          I did not attend the most recent “Neighborhood Cares” meeting at Laurence McCauley’s house, but I am told that residents showed strong support for Mayor Shayne Gallo,   (In our latest little tempest in a teapot, the mayor has been firing all the people whose support helped to get him elected, including Jennifer Fuentes and Jeremy Blaber.  Now there ar those who felt that it was a little obvious/tacky/pork barrell in the first place for the Mayor to hire all his peeps for city jobs….I have joked in the past I was the only one of his supporters who did not wint up with a city job.   I am now joined by Jennifer Fuentes and Jeremy Blaber.   It was telling to me that Mayor Gallo allegedly told Blaber that Blaber’s painkiller addition was making the Mayor look bad…..when Shayne’s meltdown was the first time that I had heard that Blaber was perceived as having a painkiller addiction.  Shayne made Shayne look bad.   I had a lot of dealing with Blaber, he got me for $200 in tickets last year, and he was always polight, concerned, friendly and effective….more than I can say of my interactions with Shayne!

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