Your Tax Dollars down the Big Blue Barrel.

Posted on February 22, 2013


I have been monitering the compliance with the new recycling policy that arrived with the Giant Blue Bins. I am proud of Ward 9, thus far we are hovering around 96% non-compliance. I don’t know if people can’t read the instructions or they just don’t give a $#!t.
The biggest non-compliance issues are:
Blue bins out on the wrong week. It’s every OTHER week, chowderheads!
Blue bins put out a$$-backwards. The numbers have to face the street so they can write you a ticket if you didn’t do it right. Admittedly, it is hard to see the arrows on the lid under 3 inches of snow, but just make sure the numbers on the front face the street.
No, no, you do NOT put you GARBAGE in the bin and then stack your recyclables in a laundery basket next to the bin. Recyclables in the bin, garbage in the laundery basket….
Take the tops off the bottles and put them in the bottom of the bin. I know they will stay frozen there until July, but I didn’t write the law, Mike Schupp did. and he USED to have a very keen legal mind.
No, Victoria, you cannot recycle the waxed cardboard boxes frozen veggis come in, or pizza boxes, or broken mirrors, or plastic flowerpots with the poinsettia still in it.
I really don’t think Etch-a-sketches, toilet brushes, or plastic champagne glasses can be recycled either, but they left that off the instructions.
Yes, you can recycle newpaper, old phone books and Christmas catalogues. Next time put them IN the bin, not on top of it.
I was told a compliance officer had been hired to write tickets for these offences. Maybe that’s a job I ought to apply for…if I promise to never publish Mayor Gallo’s Mother’s phone number again just because he told me it was his…..
At the (poorly attended ) February Common Council Meeting, Superintendent Schupp mentioned that four now compliance officers had been hired, three to enforce the (thus far) totally non-functional new snow emergency law, and one to enforce the proper loadijng of the Big Blue Barrels. Since these new positions were not in the 2013 budget, I , obviously, couldn’t find out how much this was costing the taxpayers, but the other “enforcement officers are paid somewhere in the general vicinity of$35,000 a year, with the extra benefit bringing the total up to about $70,000 a year.
As I was scanning the city’s online budget for that, I came upon the fascinating line item that the sale of “refuse for recycling” brought in $600.
Okay, correct me if I am right (as Alderman Senor would say) but we are paying an enforcement officer about $65,000 a year to make sure we are taking the caps off our fruit juice bottles and not putting out our newspapes in plastic bags….and the city is realizing $600 from this person’s efforts?
That is beyond unimaginable. I think I made more than that just taking back the beer bottles people threw into the recycling. That, of course was before the Big Blue Barrels which make it impssible to get the redeemable bottles out of the recycling.
Remember, this is your tax dollars at work, folks. My property taxes went up again last year…and now I’ve lost the revenue from taking back the redeemable bottles. Maybe I ought to apply for the job of Recycling Enforcemnt Officer. So far I am about the only suporter of the Gallo-Noble ticket who has not gotten a job with the city…..

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