Posted on February 3, 2013


OKAY, this is important….I know you all have opinions about the New Snow Emergency Law.  The meeting is TUESDAY, Feb 5 at 7:30.  I understnad not all the people impacted by this law  can attend the meeting, but I wish you all would.   Your sheer numbers will account for something!  I can help you make placards.  If you cannot attend, please call your alderperson.  Please not, these numbers are from the City  of Kingston website and have been prrofread.  If any of you inadvertantly listed our mother’s phone number instead of your own it is your own dang fault if she gets phone calls intended for you.  1st ward,Matt Dunn, 845–541-8880 2nd Ward–Tom Hoffay 845-331-8317. 3rd ward–Nathaniel Horowitz-914-755-3817.  4th Ward–Shirley Whitlock–845-750-5202.  5th–William Carey-845-339-1361.  6th–Elisa Ball, 845-339-6747. 7th–Mary Ann Mills–845-331-7682. 8th-Robert Senor, 845-339-2955, 9th, Deb Brown, 845-338-0763.  And if by chance my senility manifests itself by me getting one of those numbers wrong, don’t $h!t your britches, just comment the correct number below.

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