It’s An Emergency Okay!

Posted on January 28, 2013


As most of know who read the Kingston Occasional Freeman, Kingston is going to/just did/change the snow emergency law for the city of Kingston.

I got a personal heads up from Mayor Shane Gallo a week ago when I went in to pay
the  $100 funwe for  Parking on Staple Street in the last snow storm.  I hsad to work that day, and there was definately not three inches of snow when I left for work.   We do not have access to a radio or the internet while we are working.   Mayor Gallo told me that Board of Public Works Superintendent Michael Schupp, would have the authority to call a snow emergency even when it was not snowing, that a prediction of snow was going to be enough to trigger a snow emergency.  He also told me (a week before the Freeman pulished it), that the Aldermen were considering Alternate side of the street parking during snow events to replace the mad dash for the limited spaces available in city parking lots.  
A person who may be running for office overheard the Mayor and warned me that the Alternate Side of the Street Parking would probably become permanent even in summer, to facilitate the use of the city’s new robotic garbage truck.    We do support Alternate side of the street parking fduring snow emergencies, but we opposed its year around implementation five hyears ago with Missy’s Marchers and we will oppose it if the city tries to ram it through again, for the simple reason that it will invalidate all the parking spaces reserved for persons with mobility challenges.  Persons with “handicapped parking permeits” will lose use of the spaces reserved for their safety jut when they need them most.   
If the city attempts to force alternate side of the street parking year around, we will march on city hall again–Unfortunately without Missy Claude and her hubby this time.They got so fed up with conditons in Ward 9 that they let the bank foreclose on their Ward 0 home and it is now one of an ever-increasing number of  abandoned homes in the ward.  
Having lost $100 and having been forewarned of the new law, today we have kept very close track of whether or not there is a snow emergency and we have time dated tape recordings to verify it.   Mayor Gallo told us to call our Alderperson, Deb brown, which we did at 8:45 this am nd left a message.   There was no responce.  We really didn’t expect one–she has never responded to one of our e-mails or phone calls.  We called WKNY.   They said there had been no announcement.   We called the Kingston Police and Dispather Newman told us that the BPW would have the announcement.   We have called the BPW four times, and as of 2:30 this afternoon, there was no snow emergency.   (Our recycling had also not been picked up.) 
It is very important that we all stay abreast of this situation for the safety ofthe plow crew, to say nothing of that $100 fine and possible loss of your car.   Please verify these numbers and post them next to your telephone until spring. 
Radio Staion WKNY–331-4757  
Kingston BPW–338-2114   
Alderp4erson Brown  338-0763  
Kingston Police Department–331-1671. 

We must call these number often, to protect us in case there is another “sneak Snow emergency.”
I had better hurry up and post this, it has disappeared three times while I was typing it! Hackers, do you not love them!Q

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