We Arwe 10 Years Old!

Posted on September 16, 2012


       During my  rather legthy correspondence with Jennifer Fuentes about the RESTORE proram, I had cause to go back in my Hotmail Archives, and whatta you KNOW, Restore Access Ward 9 was born 10 years ago this week!   Aderman (at the time) Mike Madsen had just swept through Ward 9 removing all the reserved parking spaces for persons with mobility challenges (including mine) because he said there were too many signs along the street.  He also removed two reserved spaces for elderly neighbors.   Considering that  Ward 9 homeowners tended to be advanced in years, and, in some cases, in poor health, I became the spokesperson for at least my neighborhood, and later for even areas on Ward 8.  

         In ten years we have had notable victories. a few discouraging defeats, and a number of tragic losses.   We won the battle to have the reserved parking spaces returned to the taxpaying homeowners who needed them, and a subsequent battle to defeat alternate side of the street parking that would have deprived homeowners of the use of their  reserved parking spaces every other day of the week.  

         Eventually the children who were vandalizing property and cars  grew up and moved away.  A few are now incarcerated.    The shame is, that we could not get help for thes neglected little urchins  before they were devoured by the criminal justice system.   

        Some of the homes have been foreclosed.    Missy and Claude Elliot, staunch supporters of the battle against alternate side of the street parking, lost their home to foreclosure.   Mr. Brooks died after chopping the ice off his sidewalk for several hours after it was dumped there by the BPW, and several years later, Madeline Brooks also died.   Their turquoise blue house was for sale for months.   Apparently it was bought for a very low price, it is still empty, and there is another for sale sign in the window.   Jessica, who was responsibe for several of my broken windows, is living out of state now.  Our beloved Isabel Malone, inspiration and cheerleader for RAW 9 died, and her house was bought as a “weekend place” by two men from Connecticut, Stuart and James, who are diligently bringing it up to code.   Marguerite, down in the next block, went to a nursing home and her house is now a rental property ande empty, as is the hosue next door to it.  Chip & Tammy, our resident bikers, are getting very, very tired of boundary disputes with their West Chestnut Hill neighbors.  

         The High School kids still park blocking driveways, the KPD still refuses to accept the fact that my driveway IS a driveway, in spite of having seen the permit a dozen times.   The massive sinkhole in the middle of Levan Street was repaired, sank again, was repaired again, and now the one on Staple Street isw beginning to sink again.   In the process of repairing the Levan Street sinkhole the BPW damaged my telephone line and a year later I am still trying get it repaired.   There are three or four empty houses on the block now, and 3 or 4 rental units where homeowners used to live.  There is a giant tow truck in the driveway where I used to park my “unsightly cars” and an explosives truck and several pit bulls where Phil Greer used to  stuggle to maintain the character of the neighborhood (LOL).   

          We are in it to win it, and we hope to be reporting back on our 20th anniversery!

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