Is This Man A Security Officer or a Predator?

Posted on April 12, 2012


I have had two run-ins with in one week with a man who claims to be a security officer for Kingston High School, although he is not on the list of Security Officers posted by the Ward 9 Group, he is not a Kingston Police Officer, and he shows no ID on himself or his white pick-up truck. He says his name is Officer Voght.
For the past week I have been trying to connect with Drews Energy of the Center For Creative Education. We will recall several big media events when the former Carnagie Library was remodeled, at great taxpayer expense, to house the center for Creative Education. Many of you may recall the assurances that the residents of the neighborhood could use the computer labs when classes were not being held in them.
Drews needed my signiture on a release form for a video that is part of the Let’s Move observance spearheaded by Michelle Obama. His cell phone isn’t working and I have an irregular work schedule, so getting the paper Drew needed me to sign was challenging. Last week I walked over to the CCE center, and a security guard asked me what I was doing there, and told me that there was no Energy Dance Group there, that they were in Stone Ridge. (Energy has not been in Stone Ridge for well over a decade, and one of the most expensive parts of the Carnagie renovation was the installation of special dance floors for Energy’s rehearsals.) I thought the guard might have a touch of dementia and tried to arrange to meet Drew elsewhere. However today he wanted to meet me there at the Center so I drove over around noon, and almost immediately, I had a meeting in the driveway with the same middle-aged man in plain clothes sitting outside of the CCE in an old white pick up truck. He did not show any ID, but he told me I could not park in the parking space reserved for persons with mobility challenges (I have the permit), and he said he did not know who Drews Energy was or what the CCE was. He said in order to go up to the former Carnegie Building, (that my tax dollars helped renovate for the Center for Creative Education) and look for Drew’s office, I would have to go into the high school and apply for a permit. Since I was due at the Hodge Center in a few minutes, I declined to do so, and I asked his name. It took two tries before I could get him to give me his name, “Officer Voght.”
Checking city records, I see no Officer Voght on the KPD. I found it very disturbing that this man did not know that he was standing outside of the CCE, or that Drews Energy was one of the founders. I do not understand how a man can work security when he does not know who is supposed to work in the building. As I thought about it, I found it quite disturbing that a dissheveled middle aged man in a white pick up truck was parking outside of a high school that he did not seem to know anything about. If one were given to profiling, this man could present the stereotype of a predator.
I finally found Drews up at the CCE’s old center on Railroad Avenue and we got the paperwork done, but now I wonder if anyone would care to ask “Officer Voght” to show some credentials. Oh yes, and give him some information on the Center For Creative Education. Perhaps Drew ought to go over and introduce himself, assuming this peculiarly behaving man actually is a security officer. I am writing to the School Board to ascertain his authenticity today.
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