I’m Going to Hate to Miss the Marchy 24 Meeting @ Fresh n Easy…

Posted on March 14, 2012


   It was very disappointing to realize that the Ward 8 meeting at Fresh n Easy with Ward 9 residents, our Alderperson, Deb Brown, and Police chief Tinti falls on March 24, a day when I have to work.  I had a list of questions all ready to ask our public servants.   If I decide  not to sacrifice $65 in salary to nail these suckers to the outhouse door, I know I can count on my peeps to ask these questions in my absence.  Particularly #Philip Gurrieri, who I know I can count on to keep this meeting from being a boring publicity jaunt.

      Here are questions I would like to ask KPD Chief Tinti:

      1.  Why is the Kingston Police Department stubbornly refusing to enforce Section 370-16 of the Kingston General Code, particularly relitive to the illegal towing of my automobile on October 22, 2012 in spite of repeatedly submitted proofs that the amount charged by Perry’s Towing was almost double what is allowed by law?

     2.  Why do I have Officer J. Marian  on tape claiming that the illegal towing of my car on October 22, 2012 was not a police action, when I have the police report in my hand that the complaint was taken  by Officer 140 Buono at  20;06;41 on October 20, 2011 from a Beth Ferry?

      3.   And why did the police even entertain a complaint from a person who did not own the lot on which I was parked, did not rent the lot, was not the neighbor of the lot, was not related to the owner of the lot?  I was always told that the OWNER of the property had to come to the police station and sign a complaint.   Was this done, and if so, could I see a copy of the complaint Mike Spada Jr. (e owner of the lot) signed?

        4.  I have made  about twenty telephone calls to Chief Tinti since October 22, 2011.   Not only did he never return one call, but I was always told he was not in the building and not at work that day.   If I match the dates and times of these  calls with the payroll records for the KPD, will I find that Chief Tinti claimed to be at work on those dates?

     5.    Every time I attempted to call Office J. Marian, I was told that he was not in the building.   If I  compare the times and dates of my calls with the KPD payroll records, will I see that Officer Marian claimed to be at work during these periods?

      6.When I called to renew my permit to use parking spaces for persons with mobility challenges, I was told that was handled by the detective division.   I was told, three times, there was nobody in the detective division, and the desk officer could not tell me when or it they would be returning to their duties.   Will payroll records show that the detective division officers claimed to be at work during the times I was attempting to call them?

    7.   Was one KPD officer recently sent to jail for  offences that are being routinely committed by  Kingston Police Officers at the highest level?

        8  Since my car was towed at the direction of someone with absolutely no standing to order the towing, why am I unable to get cars towed that are block the driveway to the property I own and pay  three-quarters of my yearly income in taxes on?   Why  did Officer E. Smith refuse to tow a car blocking my driveway, in spite of the fact that he held in his hand, the permit for my driveway, dated 2002?

        9.   Why did he then advise me to cut my bluestone curb, in spite of  the fact that the permit he had in his hand prohibited cutting a curb below 2 inches (mine is about a half inch) and expressly prohibited the cutting or defacing of a bluestone curb?

       10.  And whn I told him that I could chop the curb out of there in two minutes with a hammer, but it would be too damn bad if the flying chips broke the windshield of the illegally parked car, did he tell me that would constitute maliciious mischief  WHEN i HAVE BEEN DRIVING  WITH A BROKEN WINDSHIELD SINCE pERRY’S BROKE MY WINDSHIELD TOWING MY CAR LAS OCT. AND THEY HAVE YET TO BE CHARGED WITH ANYTHING?

         11.   What is precluding em from suing the city for interfering with the peaceful enjoyment of my property for refusing to enforce the blocked driveway law when I have had a legal driveway since 2002, through three police chiefs and three alderpersons?


    And then, as midnight approached (lol) I would like to ask Alderperson Brown:

        1.   If I leave brush  and dead plant matter in my yard, I get a summons from the Building Department.   if I put it out at the curb, it is (and has been) left there by the BPW for eight consecutive weeks.   What would she suggest I do tith my yard waste, dump it down on the railroad track like everyone else does?

       2.     Why has Ward nine never received the single stream recycling containers that I see all over Kingston?   Don’t get me wrong, I’m not craving a big blue container, in fact, I’m making over $20 a week because my neighbors put their recyclable materials to the curb in laundery baskets, cardboard boxes and broken totes….but I was just wondering if there was some reason Ward nine was overlooked in the distribution.

          3.      Is there some particular reason she fails to respond to messages on her phone line?   she didn’t even respond when she was circulating a nominating petition and I have five neighbors willing to sign it.   she never responded, she never came over to our side of Broadway.  Some could take that as a slight to District 1.

          4.   As my representative, could she please contact the corporation counsel and find if there is any provision in the charter that says that a driveway has to be blacktopped or otherwise paved?   (As an environmentalist, I think our ward has far too much blacktop right now.)

      5.   Since she ran on a plank of fiscal conservatism, could she tell us three things she has implemented in the past  three months to make sure that my taxes do not go up again next year?

…..and at that point the library is closing, and I am sure that Fresh n Easy will also be closed, since it will be after sunset, and I won’t even have started on my questions to the fire department.

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