The letter hand delivered to KPD Chief Tinti 1-27-12

Posted on January 27, 2012



January 27, 2012


Kingston Police Chief Egidio Tinti

Kingston City Police Department

1 Garraghan Drive

Kingston, NY 12401


My dear Police Chief Tinti:


      Ignoring me does not mean I am going to go away or get amnesia.   Ignoring me means that I am going to get increasingly hard to ignore.  The reason we live in such a litigatious society is that sometimes that is what is necessary to get the result that common courtesy should have dictated.

        On November 15, 2011, I sent you a letter relative to the illegal towing of my 1994 Chevrolet on 10-22-11.   When I received no response in a month, I sent you a friendly reminder in my Christmas card to you.  I received a call from an Officer Joseph Marion, to whom you had apparently delegated the matter.  There followed several weeks of telephone tag.    Officer Marion does not appear to be at work very often.  Eventually I did get him, and determined that somehow you had delegated the matter without  delegating any of the voluminous file of supporting documentation.   Officer Marion made a half fast effort to tell me it was not a KPD towing, which totally failed because I had a copy of the police report ordering the towing.   He then asked me to mail AGAIN the copy of the fraudulent bill from Perry’s Towing, showing he towed the car 150 miles, and charging me  much, much more than he could legally charge me under SS370-16 of the Code of the City Of Kingston.  He insisted I mail it to him instead of bringing it to the police station, and I complied with this request.    Your department will be reimbursing me, eventually, for the cost of all these repeat copies and postage, I am retaining my receipts.

     I heard no further from the matter, or from any of the other matters in my letter of 11-15-11, including my efforts to buy an impounded vehicle and my request that the officer recognize my driveway, for which I have a permit, and which is repeatedly blocked by students of the high school.

            Meanwhile, the stuff just keeps piling up.   On 1-24-12, I was involved in a fender bender (or, more aptly, a door-bender) in the parking lot of Ulster Savings Bank situated at 280 Wall Street.  As a responsible motorist I immediately called the KPD on a borrowed cell phone that, fortuitously, I happened to have with me—or tried to.   The first time I got cut off, I thought that the cell phone was being capricious.   The second time I got cut off, I began to wonder.    After the third time I was abruptly cut off, I went into the bank and used a land line to connect with a dispatcher who was, to my surprise, giggling.   I didn’t think there was anything too funny about my having inadvertently destroyed a car belonging to the bank where I do business.   Officer Giggles (who never did tell me his name,) accused me of “rambling.”  I repeated for the FOURTH TIME the same information– that the cause of the accident was an 18 wheeler from the Estes Express Line, of Richmond Virginia ICC#MC9727, VCC #F46, License # North Carolina Permanent Plate Number  LJ2742, which had blocked FAIR STREET and the entrance to the Ulster Savings lot.   For the FOURTH TIME I repeated that the officer responding would have to come the wrong way up Fair Street (which is one way) because the truck had FAIR STREET blocked.   I also told him rather pithily that I was not rambling, that he was hanging up on me.    I guess he had AHDH because…..

            Mr. Dugan, (the driver of the car I had hit)and I  waited.   And waited.   And waited.   The security guard from the bank came out and took pictures,  He called the police again.   And we waited.   And we waited.   And  finally, five minutes after the 18 wheeler had gone roaring off down FAIR STREET, Officer Boughton showed up.  

        You are not ready for this.   Dispatcher AHDH Giggles had sent him to the Ulster Savings Bank on Shwenk Drive.   After being told about 8 times that the accident was in the lot on FAIR STREET.   Maybe I should have “rambled” a little louder, maybe you got a deaf dispatcher.   I know it wasn’t the cell phone because the last time4, I called from a land line in the bank.

            Wait.   It gets better.   Yesterday I got the “formal” police report of the incident.   I know Officer Boughton gave them the right information originally, because he had given me a fax-paper preliminary report at the scene.   You are not ready for this.   The formal report had moved the accident….to Schwenk Drive.  AND misspelled the middle name of Mr. Dugan.   I have written Officer Boughton requesting a corrected copy of the police report which my insurance company is going to want.

            In case you missed it, let me repeat myself.  Because Officer Boughton was sent to the wrong address, the 18 wheeler that was the proximate cause of the accident got away scott free.   Well, almost.  I’m going to write his employer and report him.

            Ignoring me is not an option.    If you do not respond to this letter within five business days, a copy of this letter will be sent to the media and to YOUR superiors.   In fact, Mayor Shayne is being hand delivered a copy of this letter this afternoon.


Sincerely yours,


Lynn Isaacs


Cc:  Michael D’Arcy, Kingston Neighborhood Watch, Mayor Shayne Gallo, RestoreAccessWard9, Facebook

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