The Uptown Action

Posted on October 26, 2011


  This just gets better and better.   I delivered  fliers to about 80% of the businesses in the Pike Plan today announcing the Boycott Uptown movememnt.  Before I could  begin delivering leaflets, I had to,,,park the car.  It was Saurday night all over again.   NOOOOO parking.   the same signs and cones blocking the same parking space for persons with mobility challenges.  the same large equipment in the same parking sections, the same roped-off spaces, with a big old backhoe and paving stuff out in the middle of the street.  I finally wriggled into a space in front of the Stuyvestant Hotel…and the parking meter ate my 35c and never turned green. 
       A surprising number of merchants agreed with me that the situation was unendurable.  It was disheartening the number of stores that were empty and the number of busineses that were closed and locked at 3 pm on a Wednesday afternoon.
      Only one storeowner was irate, and I won’t mention her name because I remember when she was a plump blonde who played drums.  I liked her better then.   refering to a previous post she demanted to know which uptown stores had treated me rudely.  I told her for starts, Columbia Beuaty supplies.   She  heartily resented being grouped in with rude store owners, scrumpled up my last leaflet, and hurried offstage left.   I could not make that up.  Well something finally went right, my car did NOT have a ticket on it when I got back to Fair Street

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