Shop the Stockade, Get Towed

Posted on October 24, 2011


     Saturday night I attended a poetry event in Uptown Kingston at Half Moon Books.  I was a little late getting to the event because I could not find a parking space.   As far away at the County Office Building, every lot and parking space was full.   Finally the car circling the block in front of me pulled into what I assumed to be the parking lot for Back Stage Productions, which was almost empty.   I follwed that car n and the car back of me turned in, also.   Fortunately, I hadn’t missed much of the reading, because the performers had been searching for parking too.
     It was an enchanting evening and thoroughly entertaining…up until I got back to the parking lot and my car was gone.  The Kingston Police told me that Mike Spada had had my car towed by Perry’s towing.  I have subsequently  been told by someone else who was towed while at an event at BSP, that  a Beth Ferry of 23 Colonial Drive in Kingston, whose phone number is  845-594-9102 is hired by Mike Spada to call the police when cars park in the parking lot that sits empty, except for a youth who was vometing  behind the school bus that seems to be a permanent fixture of the lot.
     After I got a ride home (huge thanks Paul) I spent the next 36 hours trying to contact Perry’s towing to get my car back.  I had to cancel  my therapy dog’s visit to the nursing home and I had terrible leg cramps from having to walk everywhere.   It cost me $302.40 to bail the Chevy out.
       This  completely typifies why Uptown Kingston is becomeing a ghost town.   Lack of parking, battles between adjoining businesses, rowdy drunks puking in public,  crime, and infrastructure failure (don’t we all love those metal plates repacing the paving on Wall Street?)make shopping in this distric more hysterical than historical.   I know they just lost my holiday shopping bucks as I will oon be informing the uptown businesses after I call Discover Card that I am contesting the  $130 storage charge while I was desperately calling Perry’s over and over  trying to recover my only means of transportation.

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