Posted on August 24, 2011


     When I left my property on which I  pay half my income in property tax this morning, Levan Street was closed again, the oversized Dewoo was back  under the utility wires again, and the city was digging another hole to china two feet from the one that  was open  all last week.   If I get home and I have no electric or phone and all the food in my freezer has spoiled  it’s going to take more than the cops to shut me up.

       As I posted on the Facebook version of this site, yesterday I had time to check the law books at the Kingston Library, and  from what I read it would appear that the Dawwoo DOES need a license plate.   Vehicles of that type do not need licenses when they are operated on a farm or “construction site”, but in order to drive up and down the city streets (to say nothing of tearing out the utility lines) it is classified as a moror vehicle, and it is not in one of the  exempted  classes as far as I could ascertain before the library closed.

         I also had time to download the 2011 budget for the city of Kingston.   The Internet does have its uses.  Mr. Fabiano, who oversaw the original Hole to China is a Step 6 Maintenance  Ass.  Oh, excuse me, Maintenance Asst..  As such, he makes $41,236 regular annual pay.  He also gets $1300 “Longevity Pay”  (gives “live long and prosper” a whole new meaning), $3254 for FICA, $4679 for retirement, (are you sitting down) $18,528 for medical,  $1062 for dental and $231 for optical, for a grand total of $70,290 annually.  This puts him solidly among the six best-paid members of the  Sewer Department.  By contrast, his superintendent, Michael Schupp, has a base salery of $24,102 and his total annual take is….$28,597.   This puts his  rather obvious disinterest in supervising the Tunnel Snake debacle in pretty clear perspective.  I might suspect there are kids working at MickyD’s who make more than $24,102.

      Dividing Mr. Fabiano’s salery over 12 months, one comes up with roughly $5858 a month. or about $158 a DAY.  This means that for the five days  his crew  spent on their initial  Big Dig, Mr. Fabiano made $790….and now they are having to repeat the dig, since the sinkhole problem is still not solved.  I must say, I find this an egregious misuse of my hard-earned tax dollars.  So far, this entire year, I have not earned $5858…and none of my work had to be redone the next week.

     I think it is time for a taxpayer revolt….really.   Hell, give me $5858 and a pick, and I’ll dig up the damn line all by myself, and I won’t even take out the electric cables or gas lines doing it.

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