I couldn’t Have Said It Better Myself So I’ll Reprint it

Posted on August 19, 2011


     This week’s Kingston Times has a great story by Hugh Reynolds (yoo-hoo, Hugh!) about the aldermanic situation in Ward Nine.   I’ve done some posts about this, but I think Hugh sums it up better than I ever could, so I’m going to practice admiring plagerism and quote from his Kingston Times story:

Republican Deb Brown, in her second campaign for alderman in Ward 9 — she was soundly beaten by Democrat Hayes Clementin 2009 — neglected to include the year (2011) on one of her Republican nominating petitions and was booted off the ballot.

Ruling along party lines, election commissioners sent the issue to State Supreme Court Justice James Gilpatric, who ruled against Brown, leaving her out in the cold.

Brown will continue on the Conservative line and is circulating petitions on the New Beginnings Party created by GOP mayoral candidate Andi Turco-Levin last spring. In a ward with a three-to-one Democratic enrollment, Brown’s chances were in any case slim. But the scavengers who peruse these nominating petitions weren’t taking any chances with the electorate. Pity. The voters in that ward should not have been deprived of a choice based on an egregious technicality.

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