The Pictures They Would Arrest Me to Keep Me From Posting

Posted on August 16, 2011


Here are the three pictures I took of the Daewoo front end loader actually hitting the wires.  In the first two it is hitting telephone wires and in the third I just missed the shot of it giving the MAIN ELECTRIC CABLE FOR THE ENTIRE sTREET a good whach that had the cable swinging back and forth for several minutes.   In fact, it was still swinging when three police officers showed up at my door…after I had been calling them for four days!  Apparently Michael Schupp told them I threatened to  cut his phone line.  (What I said, or perhaps shrieked, was” You wouldn’t like it if I came over to your house and cut your phone lines, and I don’t like you coming over to disconnect mine.”  Fortunately, by the time the KPD arrived, I already had the pictures!  And now to print them and send them to Montano equipment rental that owns the Backhoe.   I bet they’ll never rent to the city again!

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