Mystery Superintendent Unveiled!

Posted on August 16, 2011


A big huge RAW9 thankyou to all the people who respoded to our posting and flier asking for ID on the Kingston BPW Superintendent who refused to give me his name.  Thus far the responce is 7-0 that he is Lou Fabiano, and he matches the photo we found of Lou on line.

It seems employee loyalty is officially dead, in lieu of flowers send earplugs–the sewer job left me with a 15-foot-long potjhole right outside my bedroom window, and all night long cars were bouncing their undersections on it.  I thought I detected that this man is not beloved by those he supervises while the  Ordeal By Backhoe was ongoing, and  BPW employees were certianly more than eager to tell me who he was, along with  several politicos and candidates.  That man is so unpopular, I almost feel sorry for him.  To repeat myself, if he was doing his job to the best of his ability, he would be proud to give his name.

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