The Pictures they Threatened to Arrest Me for Printing

Posted on August 15, 2011


    I already osted these in no particular order because I was afraid the police might confiscate my camera.  Anything to keep me from showing where your tax dollars are going.

       First, here is the monstously huge Daewoo front end loader that was our new neighbor for five hectic dats.   You will notice no indication of a license plate.   I have been told it down not need out.   Next stop to the law library to find out the definition of “motor vehicle.”


      Here is the broken pipe that the BPW removed.   Remember, they made Isabell Malone pay $10,000 to repair what they waid was her defective interface, when all the time the sewer pipe under the street was broken.




This is the hole in their driveway that the Cruz’s have put up with for many months now as the city tried to escape responsibility for for  ever spreading sinkhole.   You will recall the city so-called “reapred ” it in July, only to have it open bigger and deeper than ever.





….And just as things were going so well with this post, I have to get off the computer–the problem with using a computer lab.   there will be more.   anybody got bail moneuy for me?

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