Digg Kids Parade today

Posted on July 28, 2011


In about 2 hours the Digg Kids and their supporters will start gathering at the Everette Hodge Midtown Neighborhood Center for their parade to the Pine Street City Farm for a barbeque. It will be great to see everyone again. The tough part will be looking back toward the barn and wondering if the city has captured any of the infected cats and kittens there. I am fond of the kittens that I watched grow into teenagers, and I am of two minds about the TSR effort that will end their lives, if they prove to be dually-infected, as was their brother Winky. I hate to see them end their adventurous little lives, but without immune systems, they are not only spreading FAIDS and FLeuk to any domestic cats they swap bodily fluids with, but they are going to die slowly from distemper or other infectious disease as winter comes on. I dread the possibility of looking back to the barn and seeing Little Mom with her new born kittens, which would be born infected if she is infected. If the city had instituted TSR in April when I first mentioned it to the City Clerk the kittens would not have mated with each other yet, and it might have been possible to save some of them….or Dr. Rugg would not have had the heart-breaking job of killing newborn kittens, after Little Mom put her own life on the line to give them birth. While the animal control officer hung doorhangers. the doorhangers ought to say, “Due to the negligence of the City of Kingston, you may have to put all your cats to sleep. Send the bill to the City of Kingston.”

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