Welcome to the Neighborhood!

Posted on June 9, 2011


     Last month the assements in Ward 9 were lowered, some of them rather precipitously, and then, as if by magic, three of the long-empty houses in Ward 9 sold!    this seems to indicate to us that maybe these houses were drastically overassessed.

       27 Levan is our jewel, the historic house that is on the cover of a book about preserving historic architecture.   I haven’t met the new owners yet, but they endeared themselves to the neighbors by removing  the  failing evergreen tree from the front yard.

         Isabell Malone’s house now belongs to Stuart and James and their dog COCO, who is a ringer for Zeppo when he was younger.  It will be their weekend retreat, as soon as they get it fixed up a little.   Repairing the roof would be a good start.

         Down Staple Street, Theresa’s former home is starting to look loved again and people go to work weeding the garden.

        Across the street on Broadway, “the little black building” is finally open with JAVA coffeeshop, with  specials this week in honor of gay pride.  Their biggest challenge won’t be Monkey Joe’s up the street, but their immediate neighbors.   We supported a certain tatoo shop when it  first opened on Broadway across from Araces, urging our less-inclusive neighbors to not stereotype a tatoo shop as “bringing in the wrong element.”   That was few years ago.  I personally have been subjected to the  efforts at intimidation and the threatening behavior of  persons who work at the tatoo shop.  (It took the police an hour to respond!) Suddenly, there is a rash of fender=benders in an around the shop, involving elderly women, and the only witnesses are employees of the tatoo shop.  The third time it happened, I began to be very suspicious, particularly when I saw the same car involved in two rear end collisions.   If people are afraid to park in a neighborhood, they are not going to stop for coffee.   (even with the gay pride specials!)

    As I posted before, “here comes the neighborhood.”  Will the new neighbors at 27 Levan be more patient with  junvenile vandalism that Steve, the previous owner, was?  Will the new owners of Isabelle’s house ever find out what is undermining the sewer in front of the house?   Inquiring minds want to know!

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