Great Start to the New Year…

Posted on January 4, 2011


      I thought New Year’s eve was very quiet this year.   That’s because I was not on O’Neil Street, although I was withing five blocks of it.   Weems like the Canibals Motorcycle group gave a little party on O’Neil Street, which the KPD (and I) found out about AFTER four people got shot.

       This location was only one of several after-hours non-bars that I know of.   I’ve even been in some of them.    It seems to be a Kingston trend.   Usually they are not the scene of shootings, but shootings seem to be another Kingston trend.

         Now the soon-to-be ex-mayor is voicing criticism of the police that they didn’t know about the New Year’s Eve party ahead of time.  Duh?   Like it was advertised on Facebook?   Just let me not be able to get my money out of a non-functioning ATM and we get  four police cars and six officers in bullet-proof vests.  (Yes, really happened.)   I suppose it is called the survival instinct, but you would think that the officers would have noticed unusual traffic on O’Neil Street at an hour when most of us are not stopping off at the dairy for ice cream.  How sweet it is.

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