Post of March 3 2008-“How It Should Be”

Posted on January 3, 2011


This was one of the heavily vandalized sites on my Google Group.   Someone went through and plastered me with question marks, which I am now going to try to remove.
        Apparently Alderman Madsen’s posts about Kosco trucks having to back out of our Ward 9 streets had an effect.Yesterday afternoon(March 2) half of Kingston’s public works fleet descended on the area between Kingston High School and Chestnut Hill, and three hours later the streets were wide enough drive a half-track down sideways.
 It was encouraging to see that the BPW CAN remove snow without plowing shut sidewalks and driveways. If they had only been doing this for the past two months, it would have spared us all a lot of headaches, back aches, and falls–to say nothing of the money spent shoveling and reshoveling the same walks five and six times. It was fun to be able to COOPERATE weith our BPW for a change in safely removing snow, instead of being locked in a battle to preserve access to the properties on which we are paying taxes.
       The workers all got a very good look at my recycling bin, and today, three weeks after it was put out at the curb, it was finally emptied. The streets look so much nicer when the curbs are not covered with trash that has never been collected.
       I predicted that the plows would not be able to remove the huge chunks of ice with which they had blocked my gate Valentine’s Day. Sure enough, the ice chunks that I had to roll away from my gate with a tire iron got stuck in the “snow cannon” right outside of my door, and it took six or seven men to get the behemoth machine (it’s the one that looks like Paul Bunyon’s snow blower) turning again. The ice with which they barricaded an disabled senior citizen from her home was too much for their own heavy equipment…and I managed to move those ice boulders!
      A big old RAW-rah-rah to Alderman Madsen for finally getting things moving around here. Former Alderman Schupp could not have done it better, although he did do it more frequently. Perhaps as head of the Safety Committee over at the Common Council, Alderman Madsen would like to do a study on how other municipalities handle ice and snow events.
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