Post From Sept. 29,2009–“Team Trespass Identified”

Posted on January 3, 2011



      And a big Ninth Ward thank you out to Deezer and Warren who lent me their car and their truck for a week so I could survey the neighborhood  without attracting observation in my rather distinctive car.  My observations, combined with the excellent eyesight and  encyclopedic memory of one of my neighbors, has led to the identification of the adult responsible for our six-hour Ordeal By Football last Saturday.
       The chunky lady in the unfortunate pink sweater that clashed with both her facial complexion and the red highlights in her hair, who charged up to criticize everything from my driving through my ambulation, is none other than Mrs. Patrick Killian, first name Anne.   The scorekeeper for the game with the clipboard was one of her older sons.
      This is where it gets really good.   Mrs. Killian is reportedly the secretary for the head of the Kingston School District, Mr. Gretzinger.   This means that a proportion of my $1200 school tax bill is going to pay the salery of the woman responsible for diminishing the value of my property–and eventually, I hope, my school tax bill.  It also raises the question as to whether Mrs. Killian used her quasi-official status with the Kingston City School to set up this six hour orgy of property destruction.
        Mrs Killian is no stranger to our regular members.   Her youngest child is Ryan Killian, the tiny tow-headed pre-schooler who has been running amok through the ward for over a year.   This is the child who kicked my dog Zeppo in the head and poked him with sticks, prompting a report to the Ulster County SPCA.   This is one of the three children stomping on Tammy and Chip’s garage roof.   This is the child whose neglect was duely reported to the Child Abuse Hotline.   This is the child who fell off his bike right outside of my house.  One handlebar got him in the pants and the other got him right in the belly, kocking his wind out.   He lay on his side in the middle of the street for two or three minutes, too stunned to move.   The other two pre-teens with him (I am told they are his twin brothers) rode off and left him lying there.  He finally got up, his face drawn with pain and began to limp home, holding his midsection.   His brother asked him why he didn’t take his bike and he gasped that it was broken.   As indeed it was.   The kickstand went right through the rim.  Now he is weaving through traffic without helmet or protective gear on a scooter.   I don’t think I have ever felt sorrier for a child in my life than I did when he was lying there in the road, with nobody to pick him up and comfort him and make sure no lasting damage had been done.
        Every time something unthinkable happens to one of these neglected little kids, a makeshift memorial goes up by the side of the road and we hear how they were “Kingston’s Little Girl or Boy.”   Kingston is not married and has no children.   However, the parents who neglect their offspring and encourage them in illegal activities are the ones who ought to be caring for their offspring at least as well as the neighborhood stray cats cares for hers.   I watched a mother cat become almost hysterical getting her litter of kittens out of Staple Street because she knew the passing cars were a danger to her offspring.  This intelligence seems not to have been given to some of the parents in this ward, notably Mrs Patrick Killian, who has now gone from not caring for her own brood, to importing  teenagers from out of town and allowing them to perform illegal acts upon her neighbors.
     Fortunately, there was no repeat of the six hour “game” this week, and the children who actually LIVE in the neighborhood were able to play outside of their houses in safety.   Now that the adult responsible for the “game” have been identified, the Kingston School District will be informed of our findings when I take in my $1200 property tax bill.   I have absolutely no intention of financing the torture of my dog, tresspass on my property, damage to city and electoral signage, and disorderly conduct, and quite a few of my neighbors agree with me.   Perhaps the Kingston Police Department thinks the conduct of these imported teens was legal, but two other police agencies are now involved.   Score a touchdown for Team Neighborhood Cares!
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