Our Welcoming message From the Original Site

Posted on January 3, 2011


     Raw9 is expanding our mission to enhance access for persons with mobility challenges to our sister ward, Ward 8.  We have received a lot of inquiries about the processes by which we have been enhancing access in Ward Nine for five years!   As Ward 8 upgrades its accessibility, check our “page posts” for updates on our efforts!   As we have been saying about Ward Nine, “Accesibility isn’t a good idea, it’s the LAW!”   (Thank you, Joan Gunderson!) The great group of Ward Nine residents that restored the reserved parking spaces for our residents with mobility challenges and defeated alternate side of the street parking that would have cut the number of parking spaces on Levan Street in half are ready to keep things fine in Ward  Eight AND Nine!

      What is your vision for Ward Nine in 2011?   Some of our immediate goals include:

      1. Eliminating the wasteful and counterproductive replowing of our streets after snow events by the Board of Public Works.  We are investigating legal steps our homeowners may be able to take to remediate damages suffered as a result of the replowing.   Fortunately, in the last storm of 2010, it seemed that the BPW has acquired new equipment (and finese in using it) that allows them to  remove snowbanks without sealing the already cleared sidewalks shut again!

       2.   Compiling a history of some of the lesser known homes in our ward while residents are still in our midst who remember the history of our homes.

       3.   Encouraging qualified and eligable candidates to run for public office so our voters have a choice.

       4.  To advocated for our taxpayers in the continuing revaluation process.

       5.  To support and encourage the reactivation of our Neighborhood Watch, and to encourage enhanced police protection to preserve the safety of our ward.

        ….and we’ll be keeping you abreast of the breaking news that is important to you!   Enquiring minds want to know!  Are we on the verge of a major infrastructure collapse?  Are we ever going to get the much-needed parking garage proposed a decade ago?  What will be the REAL impact of the hospital merger on our ward?  When we find out, we’ll pass it on!

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