Our 2009 New Year’s message

Posted on January 3, 2011


    And a big HAPPY NEW YEAR to all our neighbors in the 9th Ward!   Special kudos go to:

       Aaron Henck, celebrating his first Christmas and first New Year’s on Staple Street!  Last year I was out in the street with a snow shovel trying to keep the snow plows from plowing his Mommy, Nikki, into their house, because Aaron was about to be born any day!  “Kingston Cares” had not yet been founded, but we still cared!

        And again, Barry and Nikki Henck and Chip and Tammy, the Harley Honies, for all their diligence in keeping me shoveled out.  Chip was actually out there shoveling when it hadn’t snowed!  It is SO COOL to have bikers in the burg!  In summer, it’s cool to see them peel out on their weekend adventure in his-and-hers Harlies, and in winter its cool to see them peel out in The Killer Snowblower From Outer Space.

       A mittened thumbs up to the Board of Public Works, who seem to be refining their plowing techniques so that they do not have to plow the same street seven or eight times, plowing shut all the crosswalks and driveways in the process.  There does, however, seem to be a salt shortage and most of the side streets are sheets of ice.  I guess that is why I have studded snow tires.   The BPW even remembered to take my recyclables before the container was frozen down to the curb like it was last winter.   It would be really grinchy if I said that its a shame I have to praise a city Department for doing their job–finally.  so I won’t.

       And to our companion group, the Ward 9 Neighborhood group, which is morphing into a Ward Nine Cares group that is actually getting things accomplished.   Little Ryan has been off the street since he belted one of his playmates in the face with a piece of wood, causing a bloody nose.  this is a predictable escalation of childhood bullying–first my dog, then a child.   If he is not supervised and his behavior modified, by the time he is in his teens, he’ll be on Page One for all the wrong reasons.

        There will be another Kingston Cares meeting at Lawrence McCauley’s house on Andrew Street on January 8, and a general meeting to discuss the problem of the unsupervised children on January 11, around noon, at the Muddy Cup in the Millard Building just off Broadway.

       There was good news and bad news.  The bad news is that we will be temporarily losing the indefatiguable Rebecca Martin, who must leave  her beloved House on the Hill because of a family emergency.  She swears that she is coming back–but she and her family are headed for California.   How will the East Chester Street Hill compare with that!  (Very well, we hope.)

      We also hear that in the NEXT election, Alderman Madsen will have a competant opponent.  We promised not to divulge more until the official announcement, but it is NOT Rebecca, it is not me, and it is a Ward 9 activist.   That narrows down the list a LOT.

      Has anyone Googled me lately?   I broke up a cyber bullying situation over in Yahoo Groups, and apparently the computer addicted twits  had nothing better to do with their time than to got on Alderman Mike’s Kingston Progressive site and post their character analysis of me on an archived blog from last July.   I opened up a blog on blogger where they could post their illiterate accusations, but so far they seem to like making a mess of Mike’s archives.   I wish more people had read their character analysises, I wouldn’t have to post the next post that will be right above this one.

       So Happy New Year, folks, from Crazy Lady, otherwise known as The Troublemaker that people would rather stick needles in their eyes than deal with.  I’ll answer to that.

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