July 21, 2009–Hail, Hail the GANG’S all here!

Posted on January 3, 2011


Hail Hail, the GANG”S All Here!     Edit

     As usual, I slept through .  the allergy medicine stopped the cough, and as soon as I stopped coughing  I rolled into a ball on the nearest horizontal surface and went to sleep.   And that was how I missed the Ninth Ward’s first invasion by a REAL gang.

        For at least a decade, the Kingston Police department has been denying “real” gang activity in Kingston.  I, too, made the distinction between groups of undisciplined, unsupervised young people and real gangs.   About three years ago my young neighbor Stephan was telling me he was in the Blood, and I told him, none too gentley, that the Blood was not interested in 13 year old black kids who were over six feet tall.    Basketball recruiters, yes.   The Blood, no.  I told him up front that you didn’t just announce you were in the Bllod, you had to be initiated first and you had to fight your way up to your colors, and he was about a decade too young and a lifetime too soft to be in the Blood.

         If he’d been on Brewster Street two nights ago, he would have learned this firsthand.

        I was told the entire thing began with one of the little kid’s bikes being stolen–not surprising since they leave them piled up in heaps at the corner of Brewster and Levan.    Josh’s big brother Shane went out to get the bike back, successfully.   Words were exchanged, and Sunday night, the Blood made a mass appearence on Brewster Street, they called Shane out and they did a number on his face.   Actually, for a gang beat-down it was pretty restrained–nothing got broken or cut off, and the next day he was well enough to be skate boarding rather gingerly.

       What goes around comes around department.   About three years ago, the Cruz family witnessed Shane jumping on the roof of my little green station wagon with his brother.  They called the police (yes, I was asleep, again.)   The police came, talked to Shane’s parents, and drove away without doing anything.   Well, Sunday, when Shane was beaten black and blue and left lying in the street, the cops did the same thing, same address.   Came, left, nothing happened.

        Ward Nine is becoming a containment ward for violence and quality of life crimes.   Our alderman couldn’t do anything about the violence taking place a block from his house because his father is having health issues.    It sure puts all the pit bull attacks in perspective.

        Oh, by the way, I was able to verify that when Isis the pitsie mom shook Dixie Belle, that was her second attack.    Shane’s 15-year-old sister Christine was walking her white huskie-golden lab cross the week before Dixie Belle was attacked, and  her dog was attacked by Isis and the other pit bull.

       Of course, all else being considered, this is turning into a neighborhood where it is a good idea to have a pit ball.   Of course, I have my beloved Zeppo, who once was accused of being part pitsie, but who really is herd dog crossed with lab and a little alligator thrown it for good measure.

    And the sign out front says, “Ignore the Dog.  Beware of Owner.”

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