July 16, 2009–When Is A Rental Property Not a Rental Property?

Posted on January 3, 2011


When is a rental Property Not a Rental Property?     // Edit

        This is interesting–when is a rental not a rental?
         Kingston has a very strict law about rental properties that are neighborhood nusancesm are not being maintained. etc.   Properties have to be inspected by the building inspectors.   There has to be a registraion process.
         Noticing that the roof of the historic home at 29 LeVan was in very poor shape and that the property was deteriorating (to say nothing of the 11 pit bulls, 9 of them puppies) I called the building department.   Somewhat to my surprise, this property is not listed as a rental.   It is supposed to be owner occupied.    Meanwhile, the occupants themselves told me that “the landlord is in Georgia.”  As soon as I get my savanah of a lawn mowed, I will check the property records at the County Office Building and see if Stevie H. still owns this historic property, which is deteriorating quite fast.  Stevie always said, “It is what it is” and what it is, is a damn mess.
     Meanwhile, back at the retch, I mean ranch, thank you to  the neighbor who asked why it makes such a vbig difference if a small child was abusing Isis’s puppies or not.   It matters a great deal to Isis.  If a dog attacks after being “provoked” it is reguarded much less severely than a dog attacking without provocation.  It cannot be both ways.  If Isis’s owners insist (and they did, vehemently) that no child beat the puppies, then their dog attacked another, much smaller dog unprovoked, and she can be put down.    If Rebecca Martin and Debbie Brown are correct, and the puppies are being abused, then Isis would get another chance.
     Meanwhile, across the street in the large grey apartment house, apparently Kevin Mattice now has another dog besides Blacky.   Blacky was saved from euthenasia by a community effort three or four years ago, after attacking a jogger.    Now the pitsie is running at people in the street.  Again, this is a rental unit.  If it becomes a public nusance, there are laws to deal with that, unless everyone who lives there is related to the owner.
     That would be a hell of a diverse family.
      And a nice big Ward Nine hug to Kevin, who greeted by concern for his dog after the brief fight by telling me in his new deep voice, “Go away Crazy Lady, nobody here likes you, why don’t you go away and leave us alone!”  Ah, another blow for neighborhood solidarity.   Considering I remember very clearly when he was in diapers following me and my dog up around Kingston High School, it made me downright nostalgic.   It is so nice to be able to watch  cute little toddlers grow up to be grown ups with deep voices and SUVs.  Hey Kev, if you’re not here after what I’m here after, I’ll be here after you’re gone, and keep your pitsie out of the street, I may not be available to go into court this time and plead for its life.
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