From November 4, 2009–This Is the Ignoramus You Just Elected

Posted on January 3, 2011


This Is The Ignoramus You Just Elected     // Edit

      Many years ago, our newly elected alderman of the Ninth Ward told me that my apprehensions about the unsupervised kids spending their days on the streets  were unfounded.   “The kids will be all right,” he emailed me.   He told me that he grew up playing in the street.   I didn’t point out that he was hardly the poster person for normality.  He had just proved this by failing to comprehend that growing up 40 years ago playing in the streets of Hurley was not the same as growing up in the 21st century vandalizing homes and abusing animals (and smaller playmates ) in the streets of mid town Kingston.
        Late last month, the boy who used to be the leader of our little band of pre-teen thugs, made the front page of the daily paper.  His name was Adam Alo, and I have photos of him on his bike in a red gang tee shirt the day he used a water blaster to force water down the nose of my dog, Sweetie.   I was still working for Mrs. Torres down the street and had not yet become a tax-paying homeowner in Ward 9.  Adam Alo just got out of the hospital after he was stabbed by his girlfriend, and he will probably face charges as a result of his having lied to police.   This kid is NOT all right.
        Well the Alderman who thought that it was all right for a pre teenager to be playing on Brewster Street at ten at night, hanging onto the back bumpers of cars while on his bike and letting them tow him around the corners, was just elected.    “Alderman” Mike Madsen is now an Ulster County Legislator.   I did my part, I voted against him, but apparently not enough people understood what he had done for the Ninth Ward during his tenure.   They elected him to spread his ignorance and poor judgement all over Ulster County.
      Fortunately, the Ulster County Legislature (and before that, the Board of Supervisors) has always been a convenient burying gound for incompetant politicians with delusions of ability.    There are three or four legislators with the power to actually accomplish things, and most of them got elected.   Then there are 30 others who either become laughingstocks for being a “no” vote on everything resolution that comes before them, or who sit back, collect their paycheck, and have about the power of a jellyfish.   they can swin, they can sting, but they pretty much go along with the tide.   Mike Madsen is now one of 33, not one of 9, and his power to do harm has been seriously diminished.   Of course, my hard won taxes are going to pay him to flounder around for the rest of his term accomplishing nothing, but maybe he’ll be able to afford a new back window for his junkmobile.   (Back in the day, Marvin Schildhorn would have let him have one on credit.)
    and meanwhile, back in Ward 9, we have a new alderman.    His home is up on the hill, not too far from where Adam Alo lived as a boy…..
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