From November 10, 2009–Visioning Neigborhood Cares

Posted on January 3, 2011


Ward Nine Cares Meeting     // Edit

     Remember, Thursday, November 12, the Ward 9 Neighborhood Cares Meeting will  take place at 7 pm at Lawrence McCauley’s home at the corner of Andrews and Augusta streets.

       At the last meeting, at the behest of KPD Officer Kurz, we were SUPPOSED to have a mediation effort  about the lack of supervision given to the Kiliian children.   Mrs. Killian never showed up.   Again.  This makes the second meeting she was supposed to attend, in order  to deal with the problems cased by the lack of supervision of her children.   Instead of a mediation, we had another visioning session.

    I would imagine this month there will be quite a few comments about our new, improived ultra-careful BPW trash pick up.  Apparently the media (and a lot of home owners) did not realize that the trash pick up has been a day late two weeks running because “trash day” in Ward 9 in Monday, and we had two 3-day weekends in a row.   This means that Monday’s trash was picked up Tuesday, and Tuesday’s on Wednesday, and so on throughput the city.

        Working slowly and carefully has meant that the trash collectors actually have taken away my trash (and even my bagged leaves).  I haven’t had to call once to ask why my trash was still on the curb.  They also seem to be using smaller trucks to take the leaves, wqhich seems to be an intelligent, energy -saving  innovation–why didn’t they think of that before?

    Since we are into “visioning:” I would like to “vision” that this slow, methodical BPW will also plow with care and compassion when the snow falls, and that they will not need to replow streets after the taxpaying homeowners have shoveled out their driveways and  sidewalks (and front porches–I had my gate powed completely shut once.)  I would also like to “Vision” a mayor who had the foresight to realize that work expands to fit the time alloted to it.   His elimination of “stint work” had very predictable results.

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