From Nov. 8 2008–Officer Booth Was Right

Posted on January 3, 2011


Perhaps not surprisingly, considering its content, this was one of my most heavily vandalized “pages”.  I am reposting it with the inserted question marks and all, just the way the vandals left it:

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?????? As readers of this Ward 9 Blog know, on the same day a girl was being sexually molested at Kingston High School two blocks away. I was having an encounter with Officer Booth (“as in James Wilkes Booth” he said.)?? For more on this encounter, read my posted letter to Police Chief Keller posted at this site.
??????? One of the “high points” of my discussion with Officer Booth (as in James Wilkes–he said it, I didn’t) was his reference to me as a “crazy lady.”
?????? Of course, by now, we all know that is the nick name the poor, abused, neglected neighborhood kids gave me about five years ago.?? Most of them have now matured to a point where they realize it is not kind (or advisable) to make disparging remarks about other people’s sanity.? “There’s so much good in the worst of us. and so much bad in the best of us, it does not behoove any of us, to ridicule the rest of us.”? Apparently Office Booth had not yet matured to the 14-year-old level, and he still thought this was acceptable behavior for an officer in uniform.? As you will note, in out letter to Chief Keller we requsted, but never got, an apology.
????????We thought of that recently as we thumbeed through the budget for the City of Kingston.? Have you read it lately??? It is full of interesting stuff.?? For instance, there was the budget entry for one Step 6 Police Officer P. Booth.
???????? Officer Booth’s Regualr pay was $53,358 a year==paid, of course, out of my taxes–and yours.?? But wait, it gets better.? He gets “longevity pay” of $2375, a “college pay” of $535. “retirement” at $8159. “medical” of $15341, “dental” of $1510 for a total NOT INCLUDING HIS OVERTIME PAY of $85,351.
??????? Assuming a 40 hour work week for 50 weeks out of the year, that is approximately $43 dollars an hour.?? Let’s see if I’ve got this.?? During the hour Office Booth was attempting to intimidate me (and failing miserably) I was paying him $43 out of my puny $8000 a year income to do so?
???? I think Officer Booth is right–I am nuts.??? We are the taxpayers, we are paying for services.?? If these services are not renderred, we should stop paying for them.?? I know what would happen to me if I ever called one of my bosses “crazy”–I’d be collecting unemployment.?? That city worker that just drove off and left the yard waste??? That building inspector ignoring violations in public housing??? We are all paying for them to not do their job.?? If you’ve gotten your property assessment, you know the price tag is going up.?? Check with your lawyer about putting your taxes in escrow!
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