From March 7, 2010–Neighborhood Watch Part 4

Posted on January 3, 2011


Neighborhood Watch, Part Four     Edit

       The signs aren’t down from the most recent incarnation of Kingston Neighborhood Watch, and we’ve got Neighborhood Watch, the Next Generation.  

       Here is Ward Nine, the Last Neighborhood Watch morphed into Neighborhood Cares, and monthly meetings where we keep griping about the same things–parking, vandalism, parking, gang activity, parking, litter, vandalism, poor trash pick up, parking and vandalism.  And occasionally, pit bulls.  (Is it bad news or good news?  Isis, the pitsie at the corner of Brewster and LeVan, moved with her family around December.  If there are any more posts about pit bull attacks, it will be a different pit bull.)  We stuff our face with cake and coffee and vent but nothing is ever resolved.  Well, there have been fewer football games in the middle of LeVan Street blocking traffic and damaging property, but possibly the weather had something to do with that.  Or could it have been….my posting the pictures of the key players on the internet so everyone could see who was not supervising their kids?

        Laurence McCauley, the head of our Neighborhood Cares group, is presently on vacation in warmer climes, so our group won’t be meeting until spring.   Oh.  It IS spring.  Well, almost!  Our Neighborhood Watch is reporting robin sightings.

        And then, as though by magic, Neighborhood Watch has been reincarnated.  It’s like deja vu all over again.   Usually the initial burst of enthusiasm is followed by apathy, enui, and eventual –er–dismemberment.

        We all remember (If we don’t, go back over our Back Pages for this site two years ago) how I was delivering fliers for the NW Part Tres on St. Patrick’s Day 2008, in spite of the fact that I had my left leg in a cast because of a fall at work.  I fell down one of my neighbor’s rickety stairs, and instead of showing concern, they had me arrested for destroying their bannister and trespassing.  

       With THAT back story, what do you suppose I did when the call went out to distribute fliers this morning for NW Part 4?   Rebecca is right, I’m nuts.  I showed up and delivered fliers.   Two years to the day from the date of my arrest, I have distributed fliers again.   This time I was not arrested, possibly because I was part of a group of five or six, including the founders of Neighborhood Watch IV.

       Their names are Michael and Claudia Darcy, and they just might be able to make this work where the last three have failed.   First, they have awesome street cred.   They’ve been around long enough to remember the first Neighborhood Watch back in 1994.  They live in midtown and these two rock.   Michael sports some semi-awesome ink (flames are sort of been there, done that, but at least he wasn’t wearing a necktie) and Claudia ought to be in rock videos.   They are clued to some stuff, like that we do not have to hobble up and down stairs with fliers, not-for-profits can mail them free.  They have interfaced with Leonard Walker, the man who brought Neighborhood Watch to Kingston.  (In contrast, he was booed out of the first meeting of Neighborhood Watch III, with taunts of “go back to your ward, grandstander.” ) They got a cool logo and they are all OVER the internet.  Hey, you are reading this, aren’t you?

         So they are having this big neighborhood mixer  TUESDAY APRIL 13 at 6:30 pm at the Kingston Library at 55 Franklin Street.  Refreshemnts, the whole nine yards, and they will be electing officers.  Yeah, electing officers, how cool is that?  

        We all know that April 13 is right in the middle of my all important Overtime Week at work in the tax mine, and I think that this meeting is important enough that I will take off from work to be there.   If you don’t want to see me elected one of the officers, be there to vote against me!   (that ought to cause a turnout!)  Oh, and in case our Ward Nine Neighborhood Cares Group is ever interested in hitting the blacktop and actually doing something besides eat cake, bitch, and “vision” what we would like in our ward, Michael and Claudia would like to include us in theior city wide effort.

     Oh, and they ought to give parenting lessons.  This totally cool couple has two kids the ages of the ones that are tormenting my animals and vandalizing my house and car, and those kids wear bike helmets, speak when they are spoken to, and obey their parents who actually know where there kids are at 11 am on a Sunday morning.  Way to GO!!!

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