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Posted on January 3, 2011


Seems the KPD is mistaken again     Edit

                                Success–after a fashion!  33 Staple Street after and before needed repairs!

        Apparently — once again– the Kingston Police Department has a double standerd in dealing with complaints.

        During most of the twenty years I have been lived or worked in Ward Nine, I have functioned as a building superintendent.  I worked as a super for a decade on Staple Street, and for the first two years I lived on LeVan Street I was the paid superintendent of the house I now own.  I had numerous occasions to call the Kingston Police when the properties I supervised,,were being trespassed on, or were being vandalized.  I was invariably told that the owner of the building had to come down to city hall and file a complaint, that as an employee of the owner, I had no standing to file a complaint–even though it was my flower bed that was being tromped on, or my car with the mirror being broken off.

        I haven’t discussed it yet on this site, but on March 9, I was delivering fliers for the Ninth Ward Neighborhood Watch in spite of the fact that I had a seriously injured left knee from a fall two days before at work.  When I tried to get up the stairs at 33 Staple Street (picture on the right) the banister came off in my hand and I almost broke my OTHER leg.  I suppose the tenants of the house were concerned I might sue them, so they called the prperty manager.   THIS MAN IS NOT THE OWNER OF THE HOUSE, THE HOUSE IS OWNED BY A MS STOKDAL.   He did not witness my fall, nor did the damaged bannister have any economic impact on him, yet he was allowed thy the Kingston Police Department, to sign a complaint stating that I had maliciously damaged his banister.

       Why was i never allowed this leeway when I was managing property?    It could look as though the KPD is supportive of those who provide substandard housing for renters in Kingston!

        The good news is that  Ms. Stokdol has, in the three months since my fall, completely renovated the steps on 33 Staple Street!   It looks great!   as so often happens, when she upgraded ther house, others in the block were also inspired to repair their property, and now several houses on Staple Street have freshly painted and repairede porches!

      The bad news is that the District Attorney’s Office upheld the right of a man who did not own the property and never witnessed my fall to bring the charges.   Perhaps understandably, none of the neighbors who have complained about the condition of 33
Staple Street for two decades were willing to come forward and verify the condition of the building in court, and my public defender, Calire Durst believed it would be prudent for me to accept an Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal, in spite of the fact that I have already lost thousands of dollars defending this case.

         Darn it all, I was hoping I’d be able to join the crowd and redo my own front steps this year, but after all the time off from work I had to take preparing for this case (and the $1000 vet bill for my doggy) it looks like that will have to wait for next spring.

          Well, school vacation is coming, and remember, folks, this has set a precident.  If the police tell you you can’t file a complaint against young people vandalizing or trespassing because you don’t own the property being vandalized or tresspassed upon, you tell them that was NOT what they told the property manager at 33 Staple Street.    If you need to see a copy of the complaint he signed, I’ll be glad to fax it to you.

        Have you ot your Victory Garden sign yet?   My firends over at the Ward Nine Neighborhood Group are selling them for $5 each to support the Kignston Land Trust.  Remember, too, support your local yard sales!  We usually have at leat one a week in Ward Nine–in fact I’m seriously thinking of having one myself soon.  It seems  impossible, as the weather heads for the 90″s, but winter is coming, and RAW9 is girding our loins early for the annual duel with the snow plows.  That will mean hiring a real lawyer to set up the escow account for our property tax money so that we will not be denied the peaceful enjoyment of our premises yet another winter.

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