From March 11, 2009

Posted on January 3, 2011


What do Parking and Poo have in Common?     Edit

     It is so great to see on my Alderman’s website that he is on top of the dog poop situation.  It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it, and who better qualified than our esteemed Alderman Madsen?

      It is also great to read on our sister Ward 9 site that Alderman Madsen is going to have not only ONE opponent in the upcoming election, but three or four of them!  Recognising his unique talents, I think that even if he loses the election he ought to be put in charge of erecting signs about dog poop.  He’s so good at it.

      And it was also great to read in the Freeman that Kingston is now enforcing parking regulations.    Of course, some of them are more enforced than others.  I have heard many times, (and seen it once with my own eyes) that in the Rondout area, the Enforcers actually wait until some hapless soul pulls into a space and doesn’t feed the meter.  Then they pounce as soon as the  Illegal Parker enters a gallery or store.  I watched a KPD unit do this to an SUV parked outside of ASK about a week ago.  Too bad the police are refusing to work overtime.   Imagine the revenue they could generate if they did that in Uptown Kingston.

     Well, to all of you who have come out and found your car with a boot on the tire, or found the car towed, remember who to thank for your expense and inconvenience.   Alderman Madsen has said more than once that the installation or parking meters is the proudest accomplishment of his administrations.  So if any of you have lost the use of your car, remember to register and vote next November.  As the signs Alderman Madsen has been diligently installing remind us, poop needs to be properly disposed of.

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