From Mar. 10. 2010–Thoughts on 2010 Shamrock-n-Roll

Posted on January 3, 2011


Thoughts on 2010 Shamrock’n’Roll     Edit



        The “90% chance of torrential rain” held off until the last float reached the Rondout–although there was a rather lively little hailstorm as everyone was setting up.   It was like pooping bricks, but I did manage to get fliers for the “new” Neighborhood Watch group, although I had to print them myself.   This led to the thoughts of whether the D’Arcy’s  are going to have the time and energy to devote to their fledgling group.   You would not believe the excuses I got for a week as to why nobody printed the posters I needed before the parade.   A big, huge THANQUE to the young fellow who gave me his own precisous stash of 15 posters printed in color!   I hope to repay him when we get to the meeting.  That is Tuesday, April 13, 4:30 to 8:30 pm folks, and I will spend the last of my food stamps amplifying the refreshments.

        Considering the intermitent cloudbursts it was a GREAT parade.  Apparently bagpipe groups, like the Scouts, are prepared, and they had sharp black raincoats to protect them from the dreaded Wet Kilt effect.  A few scheduled groups didn’t show, but they were few and far between.

       It said something for the changing nature of Kingston that one of the most applauded floats featured a full-bore Mariaci band sponsorred (I think) by Rosita’s!   There was general surprise and delight.   I wondered how long it would be before Kingston has a Cinco de Mayo parade, featuring a bagpipe band!

       I was a block away from the incident that made the daily paper headlines.  A young woman on the Coleman float (advertising their show “Cinderella”) landed on the pavement right by the underpass and was run over.   The details seem to be inconclusive.   At the scene I was told by adults who had been partiucipating in the Coleman presentation, that the young woman had been seated on the float which had lurched, throwing her to the street where whe was run over,   There is a big irregularlity in the road surface there.  I know, my Plymoth hits it every day.   Somehow, by the time the police gave the story to the newspaper, the young woman had “jumped” from the float.   One way, it was the responsibility of Kingston’s ever-challenged BPW.  The other way, it was the fault of youthful lack of judgement.  I hope to interview the young woman myself and get her version, not the version dished out to the media by the BPW.

        It si SOOOOOOO typical that Kingston is cutting Parks and Rec budgets, that Mardi Gras had to be cancelled this year, but somehow the KPD and the Fire Dept found the money and “manpower” to block Broadway for over an hour on the Saturday before the parade so a huge shamrock could be painted on the street outside City Hall.    In the pouring rain.   I took pictures, but the ones in the Freeman were better.  The shamrock is even embellished with the AOH logo.   At Ancient Order of Hibernians is a Catholic Irish organization.  What happened to the separation of church and state?  Do you suppose Kingston’s rather large Muslim population could get Broadway closed on a weekend to paint a symbol of their faith outside City Hall?

       Stay tuned, through the majic of Facebook, we are going to try to contact the uoung woman who fell from the Coleman float.   Seems possible that the the BPW should have spent more time smoothing the roadway and less time painting 6 foot shamrocks.


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