From June 29, 2010–Trash Talk

Posted on January 3, 2011


    On Staple Street, the yard waste situation became somewhat surreal this Monday….My neighbors helped me do an extreme trimming on two trees on my property that were growing too close to their newly installed windows.   We did this the day the Freeman had the story about Alderman Senor’s brush heap, so I had it fresh in my mind that this green leafy mass could not be larger than a washer and a drier.  It was a little hard to imagine half a tree in the form of a hard-edged appliance, but I thought I judged it rather well, and I must have because Monday morning, bright and early, my tree parts were gone.   However….
     My trash can full of lawn trimmings and weeds was still at the curb, as were my neighbors’.  As I studied this, a white trash truck cames slowly and carefully down Levan Street, driven my a diligent young man who had definately missed an opportunity to be a male model.  He was gorgious.  And I got a good look, because he was driving the truck from house to house, getting out, and emptying the trash cans, and getting back in and driving to the next house. A one man team.
      He parked his rig in Levan Court and got out to have a cigarette.  I asked if he needed help getting out past the Perpetual Barrel on the corner, and he said np, he was waiting for his foreman, who showed up after awhile, along with another trash truck and a few more workers.   They proceeded to have some sort of a parlay in the middle of LeVan Court.  Someone was man at someone and voices were somewhat raised.   As the foreman walked past me I asked why my barrel of grass trimmings and weeds had not been taken.  He said it was too large a barrel, so I broke it into two 33 gallon barrels, and the next time I looked, they had been emptied.
      they were the only ones that I could see in a two block radius that had been emptied.
       Everyone else is stuck with their yard waste still at the curb.
       Yes, I’m glad they took mine, and even gladder that today a large crew showed up and repaired the sinkhole that necessitated the Perpetual Barrel, but I am still puzzled by the very time-consuming process I witnessed

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