From June 29, 2009 See You Independence Day!

Posted on January 3, 2011


See You All Independence Day     // Edit

    Do I regret hoping that the Kingston Independence Day celebration would be rained outm now that I am a part of it?  No, not at all!   I’ve got a raincoat and a flea market space under the bridge where nothing but horizontal rain will reach!
          Many of you know that I have had a booth, “The Doggy Dollar Store” at the Rondout Flea Market that takes plae every Sunday from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m..   The Flea market is going to be held this Sunday, July 5, right in the middle of Kingston’s day-=late-and-a-dollar-short Independence Day Celebration, funded my the law firm of Mainetti, Mainetti, and O’Connor who ripped me off for $750 and then had the affrontery to tell me to shut up, right in front of Justice Gilpatrick.   You all know my reaction to this–if not, go back through some of my past blogs.  “What Price Fireworks” indeed.   Kingston is selling out the integrity of the city and making a mockery of the meaning of Independence Day by allowing this firm to pay for the fireworks with money they have cheated senior citizens, and disabled persons out of.
        For $20 my flea market booth will give me a good opportunity to express my outrage a half block from the fireorks, while I sell some items more in keeping with the theme of the celebration.  It is my goal to leaflet every single person who passes the flea market–while I earn back a little of the %750 I paid for spectacularly inept legal representation.   thgere will be fireworks before the fireworks.
    I hoe to see you all down here, and give you one of my fliers and baybe sell you some red, white, and blue glasswear.   The Doggie Dollar Store will resume the next week.  Now that I have a location with a modicum of shelter, I will also be able to bring Monte, the Wonder Dog–but not to the fireworks.   Stop by, say hi, tell my your Mainetti, Mainetti, and O’Connor horror story!
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