From June 15, 2009–Madsen’s Time Expired!

Posted on January 3, 2011


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        I got three parking tickets the other day and I am overjoyed.   Oh, not about the tickets, you understand.   I am overjoyed because the alderman who once said that his proudest accomplishment was having parking meters installed in Kingston, is no longer going to be the Ninth Ward Alderman.

       When I first heard the news I was almost afraid to believe it.  I called Mike (let’s not go into what I called him.)   He was recovering from a bad cold but he was more than eager to discuss his decision.   Apparently when the Democratic city Committee gave their nominated to another candidate, leaving Mike with the option of a primary race, he opted instead for a primary race for the County Legislature.   There his opponents will be Jeanette Provenzano and Frank Dart.  

       And then he made his usually unempathetic wisecrack about Frank Dart’s chances of living  long enough to be elected.

       Mike’s  attitude toward people with physical and mental challenges is one of the primary reasons why I have worked so tirelessly to unseat him as my alderman.   The  thousands of dollars I pay in property taxes represent taxation without representation, because Michael Madsen sure as hell does not represent my interests in any way, shape, or form.

         Now the four other announced candidates will slug it out in a primary.   They are already gathering signitures on nominating petitions in our ward.

         I have trouble telling them apart.   If I hear the word “transparency” one more time, I am going to  vote for Micky Mouse like I did four years ago.

        I do believe that Ward 9 presents unique opportunities and challenges for the right alderperson.    As Bob Senor once said, correct me if I’m right, but I think in no other Ward is their such diversity and such a wide gap between the Haves and the Have Nots.   Within the past year a house sold in Ward Nine for one million dollars.   It is located within a few blocks of  Yossman Towers, where Kingston’s poorest voters spend their lives in little cement 10×10 foot rooms that lack the amenities of a prison cell.

        The ward is consumed by two big hospitals that are merging, and a multitude of small medical facilities, but in the acres of blacktop, there is no place for our children to safely play.  There is inadequate parking, both for resident and for those who use the multitude of facilities.

         I certainly hope primary voters will carefully consider almost-former-Alderman Madsen’s record as Alderman before they elect him to the Legislature.  Hey, yah want parking meters on Route 28?   (Just kidding but….)   Since the Republicans did not name a candidate for the District 6 seat in which Madsen will be running, whoever wins the primary will be the next Legislators, and there will be no do-overs.

     All the candidates have been doing a lot of talking about the EDZ and the IDA and bringing industry to Kingston.    I’m not sure that Kignston is ready to make the compromises necessary to bring industry back.   We’re still cleaning up the brownfields and superfund sites from Kingston’s last big industrial  renaissance.   I, myself was a “Sewing Machine Girl” for 30 years, and my lungs and eyes are paying for it now.   How long can the economy of the city survive when economic opportunity ” is represented by a flea market?  Those parking meters might have helped balence the budget, but every quarter put in the meter and every $20 fine piad represented one more shopper saying, “This sucks, I’m not going to that store anymore, I’m going to shop in the mall, not only can I park there all day for free but the prices are lower.”    Pretty soon you have another empty storefront (RIP Fitness Unlimited) and more people looking for jobs, who will probably wind up working in Ulster or Poughkeepsie because that is where the stores are that are hiring.

        Well, at least Mike will no longer be the alderman, and no longer the head of the Public Safety committee.   He must have forgotten to deposit the quarter because……

his time just expired.


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