From July 6, 2009

Posted on January 3, 2011


Flea Market Owners Intimidated!     // Edit

     It just keeps getting  deeper!
      Yesterday when we set up for the Rondout Flea Market our banner deploring the use of misappropriated funds to fund municiple fireworks displays was vandalized while we were in the portapotty (TMI alert!) .   Suzanne-From-Skillypot became way emo about her fears that the City Of Kingston would revoke the Flea Market Charter if I continued the educational leafletting.
    Okay, let us look at this closely.   The Rondout Flea Market is in biz doing what the city was unable or unwilling to do–provide  funds for the multitude of Rondout area events .  Without the efforts of Suzanne-from-Skillypot the city would have forced the cancellation of dozens of events, including the Artists’ Soap Box Derby which is currently alive and well!
         Now the city is blackmailing the very people who have worked so hard to keep the Rondout alive as a tourist destination!
       Since Suzanne was obviously terrified and distressed, I moved the banner to the back of my station wagon and parked the wagon in a legal spot where it could be seen easily from the food court and from Broadway, where it was MUCH MORE VISIBLE than it would have been before the city’s hamhanded blackmail attempt.   I also distributed all 2000 fliers and was finished in time to get funky with the Big Smoothies.
     Kingston does not need two fireworks spectaculars within a week of each other.    The city does not need to reort to terroristic threats to protect a law firm that paid for the (rather unspectaculr) spectacle with money it did not honestly earn.  I think the message went out.   If not, it will be loud and clear on election day.
      PS to the city–if you feel you have to accept $32,000 from a disreputable law firm, WHY THE HECK DON’T YOU FIX THE SIDEWALKS BETWEEN BURGER KING AND ABEEL STREET?   All the street lights were out and the walk down to the hill to see the abbreciated firewoks was a real hazzard course.    Safe sidewalks first, THEN  a mini fireworks display.
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