From July 13, 2010–Ever Heard of the ADA?

Posted on January 3, 2011


Speaking of “Violation Notices” Ever Hear of the ADA? I’m     // Edit

    I’m a real little ball of fire tonight!  Speaking of “Violation Notices” I thought I’d share a little note I just sent to the Resource Center for Accesible Living.  Just think, if the BPW hadn’t decreed it would only take yard waste every other week and then only an amount the size of a washer and drier, I never would have been delivering a letter to Superintendent Schupp, and I never would have discovered that The Municiple Building has been in violation of the ADA for over two decades.   (By contrast, my tree prunings were in the yard 8 days.)   In the morning I will be going to the ADA website and reporting this violation.
    Imagine my surprise yesterday when I discovered that a Municiple building (in fact, according to the sign on the building, THE Municiple Building) is in flagrent violation of the ADA some 25 years afterthe passage of that wonderful act.
    The Municple Building is situated at 25 E. O’Reilly Street in Kingston NY and it houses the Executive Offices of the Kingston Board of Public Works, including the offices of the Superintendent, Mike Schupp, the assistant superintendent, the signpainter for the city, and several other city offices relating to the Board of Public Works.
       All the offices are on second floor (a garage is on the first floor) and these people apparently believe that “eual access” means NOBODY can get there!   The steep creaking flight of wooden stairs would be a challenge to the most physically fit.  I needed to deliver a letter to Superintendent Schupp, so I braved the stairs and arrived at the top wheezing and with my bad knee throbbing.
    I was of the belief that any entity receiving Federal funding must comply with the ADA.  Wasn’t it Joan Gunderson who said, “Access is not a good idea, it’s the law?”   Not only do these dangerous stairs provide a barrier for taspayers wishing to visit the municple offices, but they also prevent anyone with a mobility challenge from working in those offices.   Sign painting and reception are two jobs that might well be suitable for persons with challenges.  In fact i am very sure that Superintendent Schupp needs a receptioist, because after I wheezed and creaked my way up the steep flight, I found the offices deserted.   I left my letter stuck in Superintendent Schupp’s door and attempte to leave the building, only to discover (after descending the stairs again) that I was locked in with a deadbolt with no way of opening it from the inside.   I had to go back UP the stairs again and wait until one of the drivers downstairs heard my calls for help.
    You CAN”T tell me that is safe, or in any way complient with the ADA.
     A city worker told me that making the building accesible is “next on the agenda.”   I offer that the city has had two decades to install a sair climber or an elevator, or move the offices to first floor, and that this violation needs to be reported to the enforcing officers for the ADA.  I’m sure Kingston City, and the BPW in particular, receive Federal monies,
Lynn (Lei) Isaacs
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