From July 10, 2009–Madsen On Craig’s List

Posted on January 3, 2011


who Is Craig and What is this List?     // Edit

    Just occurred to me that somehow I had neglected to post a blog about the biggest scandal to hit Ward 9 wince I mowed the lawn in a yellow bikini.   The Daily Freeman ran a front page story just in time for the day-late-and-a-dollar-short fireworks about our esteemed Alderman, Mike (Meter Man) Madsen.   Apparently, I missed something interesting because I refuse to go on Carig’s List.  I’ve visited there now and again, usually looking for a truck (that’s truck with a “tr”, folks) but I find it very distasteful.   People flag each others’ posts out of spite, some of the language would be shocking if only for the spelling, and I leave the catbox for the cats, you know?
     So I missed the post by our esteemed Alderman, Mike (One Way Street) Madsen.  Apparently he took his picture in the mirror (we’ve all done that, right?)  with his trousers slightly open (some of us have done that, I guess) and posted it on Craig’s List with a rather graphic description of what he was looking for in a hot date.  Actually, I am told (damn it, I missed it) that it was exceedingly graphic and gave directions to his home using the Kingston High School as a location marker.  In some way that has not yet been clearly explaned, his opponent for County Legislator, Frank Dart observed the post (I wouldn’t have thought Frank was the sort to be trolling the men-seeking-men section of Craig’s List, but goes to show you never can tell) and he notified the Freeman, and now we all know what Alderman does with his camera besides take embarassing pictures of me at parades.
    Obvously, our good alderman is over 21  (WAY over 21) and he has the right to do anything legal, no matter how embarrassing.  I just am appalled by his lack of good judgement, which he has also demonstrated, over and over again, in his elected position.  (That’s ELECTED, folks, that’s an “L”)   there must be some arena in which he can embarass himself without having it reflect on the entire Ninth Ward–or, worse yet, our Legislative
District.   It would be a class act if he now retired from politics and got a job that made use of his many talents.   What those might be, gentle readers, I will leave to your imagination, something that he apparently failed to do.
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