From July 10, 2009–Anyone Got a Muzzle?

Posted on January 3, 2011



     A great big RAW9 whoop-whoop-hooray to Rebecca Martin for suggesting at last night’s Ward 9 NC meeting that I post to my “little blog that nobody reads.”   Actually this blog has more members than the Ward9NC blog, and somebody must be reading it, I’ve had more discussions with more aldermanic candidates that I didin’t know esistedm than I can count.
     Below is my 4 a.m. post to the two Ward 9 Yahoo Groups. (No, I’m not losing sleep over this, I have a ripping toothache.) It’s pretty self explanitory or it should be.  The fight between Isis the pitbull and Dixie Belle the beagle, has now morpheed into the fight between Crystal and Rebecca, and then between Rebecca and me.   Rebecca took very strong exception to my informing Crustal and Josh that their dog and the alleged abuse of their puppies by a child was the subject of several internet posts on the Ward9NC Group.   Crystal and Josh couldn’t find it on the internet.  Somehow, nobody has any problem finding this site.   That picture of Liv Tyler showing all of her bodily orifaces got everyone over to this site.
        If anyone can email me any video or photos of any child abusing Isis or her puppies, I promise I will post it to this site, so get out those cell phones, folks!    And see you all at the fireworks tonight–the fireworks that were NOT purchased with ill gotten gains!
Last night’s meeting of the Ward9NC Group certainly was lively!  Good thing nobody was trying to take minutes!  Was it the full moon or the chocolate cocoanut cake?  Our neighborhood does care!
       The livliest part of the meeting concerned our pitsie neighbor Isis, whether or not her puppies were being abused by neighborhood children, and how could I have notified her owners that their dog was the subject of posts 22 through 33 of the Ward9NC Yahoo Group?
    To take the last one first, it was real easy.  I took a sheet of kiwi colored paper, tore it in half, took a Sharpie, and wrote two identical notes.  One was stuck in Chip and Tammy’s door, and one was stuck in Josh and Crystal’s door.   I told them both about the posts, that the meeting was being held, and suggested they come and be their dog’s voice.  Being individuals, they reacted very differently.
     I did it because I was getting “deja vu all over again.”  (Hell is endless repetition.)  Crystal asked if there had ever been another dog attack here.  Rebecca said she did not know.   There was.   Before there was a Ward9NC group, or an internet site, our neighborhood cared.  Ronald Claude of Levan Street had a confrontation with Brenda Mattice’s dog Blacky not 30 feet from where Dixie and Isis had their confrontation.   Little Blackie was in danger of being put down.   The entire neighborhood rallied to Blackie’s aid.  I was one of those testifying in City Court as to his docile nature.   We saved Blackie.
    I did not and do not want to see the same thing happen to Isis.   I am trying to nip this  in the bud before it gets to city court.
      There was also a difference of opinion as to whether (as claimed in posts 28 and 30,) a child who “couldn’t have been older than 3 years old” was “on the steps hitting one of the puppies just about as hard as he could.”  Crystal is absolutely certain that never happened and Rebecca is just as sure she saw it.   Since in the past five years five of my dogs have had physical and emotional abuse by the neighborhood kids, I tend to believe this incident did happen.  In an attempt to clear the controversy, I have turned my surveylance cameras around so it faces up that direction.   If I catch any footage of the puppies or Isis being abused, I will post it to this site and to my site, RAW9kingstonny@ google groups.  However, since my equipment is recorded and monitered at a site in NYC, by the time I get footage, the puppies will be full grown.   These days everyone in the world has a cell phone camera (except me.)    I strongly urge everyone in the area of Brewster and Levan to maintain surveylance of the situation.   Remember, Crystal and Josh would not be our neighbors if the neighborhood kids hadn’t thrown fireworks at Steve’s dog and driven it smack through the etched glass doors, almost killing it.
      Since the UCSPCA has surveylance capabilities far above mine, yesterday I reluctantly did report what was in thse internet posts to them and asked them to be at the meeting last night.  I have printed out posts 22 through 33 (along with this one)and today I will be hand delivering these printouts to the UCSPCAm the Kingston Police Department, and Josh and Crystal, who have not seen them yet.   While I’m down of Garraghan Drive, I will also stop off at the Buiding Department and ask them to check and see if Steve has fullfilled his reporting obligations as an absentee landlord.  Thank you so much, Rebecca, for the printouts of that ordinance.  It has been very useful.
    I am also posting a copy of this to the Ward 9 group, and, since Rebecca suggested it, to my own google group, Restpre Accountability Ward 9, Kingston NY  (RAW9kingston,ny @googlegroups .com.
       By the way, somhow the file with the parking permit is formatted in a huge form with 50 pt. type.   Does anyone know how to shrink it?


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