From January 15, 2009–Icy Meetings

Posted on January 3, 2011


Icy Meetings     Edit

      Meetings, meetings, it weems like every ice storm is accompanied by a group of meetings!

      As I predicted, none of the parents of the neglected little preteens in my neighborhood showed up at the January 11 meeting of the Ninth Ward Neighborhood Cares at the Muddy Cup on a snow-covered Sunday afternoon. 

I distributed flyers I made about the abandonned kid problem over ten years ago!   Some of the kids on that flier are still vandalizing the neighborhood, they are just taller than I am now.   We are going to make yard signs.  I think we had better get the little vandals out of the neighborhood first or they will steal the yard signs as fast as we put them up, but we will have yard signs “We Love our kids.  Respect our property.”  Or something like that.   We are asking the kids at the high school to design the yard signs.  

       I ought to rent my dog Zeppo out by the hour.   He is a lot more effective that a yard sign at preventing vandalism.

       The next day we all hurried through the slush to the Kingston High School (no wonder the kids are nuts) for the press conference on the adaptive reuse of  the old Carnagie Library, which right now appears to be enjoying adaptive reuse as  a fountain.  (Little water leak from the High School swimming pool going on there.)  I saw tap dancing that made Riverdance look uninspired.    The main crux appeared to be how little it was going to cost the taxpayers to fund another recreation spot for high school students.  I preferred the plan that was going to turn the old library into a computer lab–we need one before the Port Ewen Library starts charging me rent.   The old library needs to be put to use, but I am far from convinced that what my neighborhood needs is more teenagers taking the scenic rout between Burger King and the high school, shedding food wrappers as they walk.  I am far from convinced that we want to make the parking problem from the High School into a year around headache.

      Meanwhile, big thumbs up and whoop-whoop-whoop to the Board of Public Works who seem to have finally grasped that our residents do not want our sidewalks reburied in the name of snow removal.   They managed to cut down the snowbanks on my corner without  removing my access to my house, even it it did take some shouting and shovel shaking to get it done right.   Of course, further down the block, I noticed a few filled in driveways, but at least on my corner, they were conscientious–and probably surprsed to find out that it went a lot faster when they did it right.   (I love that big old monster snow blower that keeps shooting backfires out of its tailpipe like a Steve Heller sculpture.   Good idea–melt the ice with a flamethrower!)


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