From Jan 1, 2010–2010 Comes to the Ninth!

Posted on January 3, 2011



    Looking over Our Back Pages we seem to post an update around the first of every year!

       You could not prove Global Warming by being anywhere in Ward 9!   It has been one ice storm after another, and one memorable winter thunderclap that brought out all the conspiracy theorists out in force.   No, Dyna Nobel did not blow up and it was not a bomb at the high school, nor was it a blown transformer.  It was thunder and lightning, which are not that uncommon in winter.   The legend is that a winter thunderstorm will be followed by snow, and this one was.

    Our hopes had been that new, more careful slower, more methodical BPW would do a better job removing the snow than they have in years gone by.  Those hopes were dashed with the first measurable snow storm.   Our leaves were never taken.   Well, ACK_tually, OUR leaves were neatly raked into the compost bin about three weeks before a windstorm that deposited (for another year) all the leaves on West Chester Street in our fence.   We raked up eight trash cans full of leaves, which then sat at the curb, totally ignored by the BPW, for 8 weeks.   We finally rolled the barrels back inside the fence last week and when we have the first measurable snowfall we’ll dump them in the street and let the snowplow remove them, but why is this necessary?   When leaves are neatly placed at the curb in trash cans, why are they ignored by workers with supposedly good enough eyesight to be driving?

        Then, with the forecast for  rain and sleet, we got ten inches of concrete glop, just as the holiday season kicked into high gear.    Chip and Tammy, our neighborhood bikers, did a wonderful job of clearing our walk (and carring our car out to Broadway–we didn’t have the snow tires on yet!)   And then, along came the BPW and left me –again–with boulders of snow all over the freshly cleared sidewalk.   Again, I was forced to inch my way over almost a block of glare ice to reach my car so that I could volunteer to wrap presents for the children in the Reward For Excellence program.   Not only did the BPW’s inability to deal with a rather mild snowfall endanger my life, but it negatively impacted the holidays for the children from whom our future leaders will come.

         Earlier this week we had another micro-blizzard on New Year’s Eve in the morning.    I drove all over Ulster on mostly clear roads and parking lots, buying some refreshments for the celebration.   I got back to my street at 4 p.m. and LeVan Street had not been TOUCHED by a plow, it was a sheet of icy glop.  I had to meet my fellow celebrators out on Broadway.

           Apparently, a new head of the BPW and the elimination of stint work has not improved the performance of this department–in fact it seems worse.

         Our goals for 2010 and the decade ahead remain depressingly similar to our goals for every year for the past decade.

1.     Get a pocket playground for the youth of the ward so that they have somewhere to play besides the middle of the street.

2.     Get a parking facility so that every snow emergency does not send up slithering over the streets looking for a safe place to park while the city allegedly plows.

3.   Continue to fight the wasteful practise of replowing the same street over and over for two weeks after every snow.   Actually, we are seeing less replowing this year.    The BPW is now not plowing in the first place.

 4.     Compelling the KPD to spend less of their time harassing senior citizens and circulating petitions,  and more of their time controlling the spread of  gang violence, vandalism, and  harassment.

5.   Receiving the services for which we pay such high taxes.   Other communities with lower taxes provide more services–what do they know that we don’t?

6.     Resolve why the city can afford to pay to plow the same driveway shut three times in two days, but can’t afford 15 minutes police time so that the Rondout can have its very popular (and profitable)Mardi Gras Parade.

7.   Continue the Community Garden concept, and enhance it a little.  Apparently, corn is not that easy to grow in urban areas.

8.   find out who the heck is trying to crash this site with malicious virus laden messages.   Won’t work, folks, we got virus scan and message monitering

9.   And most of all, having a happy New Year and a Better Decade!

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