From August 2010–I’d Grin But I Got No Teef

Posted on January 3, 2011


I’d Grin But I Got No Teef…..     Edit

     In spite of painful oral surgery to remove all my former teeth, I’ve been on the case with the city.

       A big thank you to Neighborhood Watcher who reminded me that (a) I was misspelling “municipal” and (b) that in addition to the “Municipal Building ” being illegally inaccessable for people with mobility challenges, the “Minicipal Auditorium” was likewise inaccesable.  I took two pain pills and went to check it out.    Yuppity yup, my Watchbird is right.  Somehow the city found the funds to emblazon the entire front of the building at the corner of Hoffman Street and Broadway whith gleaming brass letters spelling out A N D Y  M U R P H E Y  M I D T O W N  C E N T E R, but they never found a few thousand dollars to install a  stairlift.   Those do not cost that much.   In fact, there was one in my own house before I bought it, and the dorks took it out.    We could all use a lift once in awhile–particularly moms with strollers, workers with heavy boxes–and people in wheelchairs.

      Maurice Hinchey got a letter from me about the illegality of giving Federal funds to entitties in violation of the ADA.   I got a letter from Maurice Hinchey assuring me that he  shared my concern about buildings  non compliant with the ADA…..and not saying a THANG about the funding.   Maurice Hinchey then got another letter from me.  The type was slightly larger, and the  vocabulary included several words not usually used in polite discussion.

           (Aside….I really miss being able to say that one word, but without teeth  it comes out “swuff.”  By now the sutherswuffers are probably sorry they ever HEARD about those three branches in my yard.)

         I think I mentioned that some worthy city employee gave me a lovely little book with the email addresses of all the city officials in it, so I sent them all a copy of the corresposndence with Maurice Hinchey.   Then I went up to the KURA meeting at LBGTQ, which is probably gibberish to anyone who is not jiggy with the acranyms.   They had pizza.  I couldn’t eat it without teeth, but i could ask the question everyone was edging around–“If I got late to this meeting because it took me ten minutes to find a parking space, how EVER are we going to attract business to Kingston.”   Nancy Donskoj, the Main Street Manager, showed us al the lovely little banners that have been designed, disignating “dining” or “gallery”……I asked where the banner was for “Parking.”    Barbara Fried shushed me.   She was talking to Mike Madsen.   You do remember Mike?  He used to be my alderman.  He’s in the legislature now.  He seems to be chairman of the disappearing-without-a-trace committee.

    Hail, faugeddabout the “parking” banner, how about a “street” banner?    Within a stone throw (literally) of the Andy Murphey Memorial Illegal Building is the TR Gallo Memorial Traffic Jam.   As long as I have lived in Kingston, we have been entertained in the rainy season by the Ray Garraghan Memorial Exploding Manhole Covers.   If we got a crisp downpour the sewer under the underpass would  flood, and the force of the water in the storm sewers would blow the lids off the manhole covers, and a geyser would spew forth, usually stranding some poor taxpayer in a 15 year old Toyota.   I hadn’t thought this season was particularly rainy, but the underpass blew the tops again, and this time, it took the pavement of Broadway with it.   Broadway was closed.   There was a hole in the middle that could have swallowed on of those new city busses.

         There was detour–or is it a deteur–past the main post office that almost got me and my new plastic teeth blown to Enterprise Drive by a passing freight train.   Greenkill Avenue, on the same sewer line, was also closed.   This afternoon, you can add Main Street at Green Street to the closures.   Its getting so the only way to get from Uptown to Downtown is to take the Thruway to Saugerties and come back down 9-w–and I’m not kidding.

         It must be the codeine, but it does seem to me that before we have a “design charette” for the former King’s Inn, we ought to have a street going past the former King’s Inn, which is holding up quite a bit better than Broadway.    It seems to me before we do “facade improvements” and a lovely creekside pedestrian walk, we ought to bring two of Kingston’s historic buidings in compliance with a 20 year old Federal law.   We tore down the Brigham School without a backward glance to put in a housing comples.  We tore down the trolley barn to put in a Walgreen’s with the world’s most annoying flashing sign outside of it.   Gee, maybe we ought to tear down the “Municipal Building” and put in a five storey parking garage..with an elevator to reach the new BPW officeson the sixth floor.   Then when Mike Schupp was told there isn’t enough parking in the ninth ward, he could truthfully say, “I’m on top of it.”

        By, I bet the sutherwuffers are glad I’m not taking codeine more often

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