From August 18, 2010–Can We Save the Brewster Rooster?

Posted on January 3, 2011


Can We Save The Brewster Street Rooster?     // Edit

    I have met the Brewster Rooster and his “girls”.  The five of them are in a fully enclosed yard not visible from any adjoining property, and further enclosed in a large coop, big enough for a human to walk right in.   You can tell they are pets, they hop right on anyone who goes in the coop.  “Big Red” the rooster who crows, is not a 4a.m. bird–he usually sleeps in until my dogs or a car alarm waken him at 9 or 10 a.m..   There are 110 signtures on a petition to allow Big Red and his “ladies” to stay right where they are.   The neighborhood is going to meet with the CAC, the entity which has the power to update the obsolete laws requiring “farm buildings” to be 100 feet from any road or any other building.  Unfortunately, there seems to be some confusion about when the CAC is meeting.  It was supposed to be tonight, but we were told it is tomorrow night, and it is some sort of special “visioning” session.   The family has a deadline from the city of August 30 to get rid, not only of Big Red, but also his “ladies”–and the eggs and fertilizer they provide.  Whether they can meet with the CAC before this deadline is not clear.
     The issue is larger than whether the city can force children to give up their pet chickens.  As we know, there is also a resolution under consideration to regulate cat ownership.  Some years ago there was a failed attempt to limit the number of dogs a taxpayer could own in the city.   There are many, many families in the Kingston city limits that have chickens (and cats, and dogs) and to enforce the law for only one family that has overwhelming support in their neighborhood is an action that would probably be legally overthrown.  It seems to me, after glancing at the front page of the daily paper…and the garbage that has not been collected in weeks….and the endless traffic detours….that the city ought to have larger concerns than making a family that has resided in Ward 9 for almost 30 years give up their pets.
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