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Posted on January 3, 2011


Chief Keller Disses Neighborhood Cares     Edit

    Last night’s Neighborhood Cares group was very well attended–we got Alderman (and Legislature Candidate) Madsen, two of the three candidates vying for his  Aldermanic seat, and a representative from the Kingston Land Trust–plus the usual suspects.   The only person missing was the featured guest, Police Chief Keller.

       I knew he was scheduled to visit an event in Ward 4, but that event began an hour before our meeting.  I was assured that he had promised if he couldn’t make it he would send a representative.

      We’re still w-a-i-t-i-n-g.

       When I went to the Ward 4 event to see if he was there, he claimed to have never heard of the Ward 9 Neighborhood Cares Group, and to have never heard of the meeting.   He also said that many different wards wanted increased police presence, implying that there were not enough police officers to meet the demand.

       Alderman Madsen had just delivered a very funny riff on being told there were no officers available for a call, and then finding a squad car cribbing in the YMCA Parking Lot unaware there was a call or the police.

       Somehow the police found the ‘man”power to put a boot on the pick-up-truck of the late Gorden Web last week.   That whirring isn’t the air conditioner folks, its Gorden spinning in his grave.  And Mike Marnell hitting the computer to add some more pages to the next Lincoln Eagle.

        Somehow, when I wouldn’t leave the Chasebank without the $200 their busted ATM had just ripped me off for, the KPD found three police cars and four cops in bullet proof vests to drive me around midtown for over an hour harassing me.

        And yet July 23 when 20 or so youths were out in Staple Street at 10 pm screaming threats and obscenities, two police cars with full dome light display, managed to drive right by them without seeing them–or without observing that they ran back into the street back of the squad cars waving their middle fingers.

     I guess our KPD only has time to harass elderly disabled women–that taking on twenty healty young men of color is beyond their capabilities.

      I wanted to ask Chief Keller about that.

      I wanted to ask Chief Keller about the rash of license plate thefts in a three block radius of my house.

      I wanted to ask Chief Keller about the illegal apartment building on my block, that somehow convinced the Building Department that  it was Owner Occupied.

       I wanted to ask Chief Keller about the pit bull attack on an elderly man in an electric wheelchair a block from my house.

    I wanted to ask Chief Keller if the gang now “owned” my street, as they caim to, if I still owed my property tax or if the gang was going to pay it.

     I wanted to ask what was going to be done about the street signs defaced by the removal of gang tags.

       Instead, our group was treated to Alderman Madsen’s stirring account of how he single-handedly separated two rival groups of youth involved in a street fight related to the gang activity.

        It is so comforting to know that our flamboyently gay alderman has the stones to charge in where the police fear to tread, or even drive.

        Perhaps the police ought to be elected instead of hired, at least we’d have protection during primary season.   I also took to Brewster Street on Take Back The Night Night and symbolically took it back from the gang.   Hey, officers, if the Alderman and I are the Ninth Ward Police force, we want 357 Magnums, tazers, and a box of doughnuts.   Free Health Insurence, dental insurence and a uniform allowance wouldn’t hurt, either.

       I have contacted the Ulster County Sheriffs about providing police service for the Ninth, since the police are afraid to go there.   And wait until you see my new car.   Its a retired thirty year old police car, guys.  And it has reverse and a rear view mirror.   Don’t try giving IT the finger.  I learned to drive in the demolition derby.

    What ever happened to the demolition derby, anyway?.   

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