From August 10, 2010–“Chicken Flap”

Posted on January 3, 2011


Chicken Flap     Edit

   I am cross posting this from the Yahoo Hudson Valley Chicken Group.   Goes to show, if I ever need the police to show up, I’ll not report my car being vandalized, I’ll report that I hear a rooster…..


 I am one of the neighbors who is supporting a Ward Nine family in their effort to keep a flock of 4 or 5 chickens.  As I wrote before, they have had the chickens for over a year with no problems, until one of the chickens turned out to be a rooster with vocal talents.
      Yes, this is all going on a block from Kingston City Hall, and yes the lots are small.   Everyone hears everyone else’s business.  There are kids skateboarding, there are teenage lovers’ quarrels, and, a year ago, there was a gang beatdown right in the middle of the street where the chickens live.  Human noise is loud and almost continuous, and frankly, it drowns out the chickens and MOST times it drowns out the rooster.  There are road crews doing work, there is a football field at the top of the hill where the school band practises seemingly continuously–welcome to the city.
    In an effort to FIGHT what some might call “Urban Blight” members of my Ninth Ward have been very active in promoting “sustainable lifestyles” and “victory gardens.”  there is even a veggie garden growing on the lawn of City Hall.  I have a victory garden.  Rather than use chemical fertilizers and pest control, I use compost and organic matter to enrich my very sandy soil.   I have to travel into the country with contractor bags and plastic buckets to collect duck and rabbit “organic matter” for my garden.  In the future I hope to have, as I said, a few Silkies to provide organic matter and eggs.  I see the case of my neighbor as a test case that will determine the entire direction of the sustainable living movement in Kingston.  Kingston is also trying to legislate cat ownership  It is my understanding that ownership of chickens and rabbits “for pets” is grandfathered and no subsequent legislation can prevent it.   There is going to be a meeting of the Ward Nine Neighborhood Cares Goup tonight, and it is my hope that we can organize to protect the right to have “pet chickens.”  Frankly the only cock whose crowing has bothered me is that of the Building Inspector.

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