From April 1 2010–Another Administration Lie

Posted on January 3, 2011



         That faint whirring sound you hear is not the neighbors’ air conditioner reving up for Global Warming, it is TR Gallo, late mayor of Kingston, spinning in his grave.

        A decade of so ago, when the igloo-like Healing Arbour was constructed in Gallo Park, it was promised a permanent spot near the bottom of Broadway,   A few years later it was moved because the first location interferred with the electrical hookups for the July 4 celebrations.  It was promised a permanent place of honor there by Rondout Creek.  It was our favorite place from which to watch the fireworks .   Rondout businessman Melvin Schildhorn donated many of the hubcaps that became Mandalos, or wheels of life.   The project became a memorial to Schildhorn’s late wife.   Some of the reflective glass at the top of the dome memorialized my friend Joan.   The stained glass panels commemorated people who had gone on to their next incarnation after battling cancer.  The city promised that this memorial and healing circle would remain, a landmark commemorating hope and recovery.

        The healing arbor is gone.   Once again, the city has broken its promises, and the arbor has been moved to the grounds of the Benedictine Hospital.   This year, assuming some entity steps foreward to pay for the celebration, I will not be able to watch the fireworks through art commemorating my friends.

     Promises are not supposed to be disposable.    The Healing Arbor was a landmark, an example of Kingston’s art talent at the most grass roots level.   Of course it will grace the Benedictine grounds, but that is not where the city promised it would be located.    The art and plantings were damaged in the move.  So was the trust of the taxpeyers of the city in the promises of their elected officials.


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